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Sailboats, Motor Boats & Pirate Ships. Great Leaders Are Unifying Not Divisive

This past Labor Day Weekend, a Trumplican Boat Parade Rally took place in Austin, Texas .where numerous Boats sank.

Having lived in the Houston/Galveston Metropolitan Area for decades, Boat Parades are a regular event around here & I cannot recall there ever having been an incident of boats sinking.

So the "Fun & Games" - primarily Video Games - with the 2020 Presidential Elections are well underway & I still cannot fathom why ANYONE would turn a blind eye towards the FAKE "Reality Show President President's" BULLYING Behavior.

The "Real Donald Trump" has not only REALLY divided our Nation but has ripped families apart.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is not on the Ballot this year.

I've been working to "Repeal & Replace Ted Cruz" since the 2018 Mid-Term Election.

"Lyin Ted Cruz" as the FAKE PRESIDENT once referred to him has done irreversible, irreparable harm to my family in the form of "Playing Video Games" with the lives of REAL PEOPLE.

The person formerly known as my sister that I no longer claim as family has decided she's a "Ted Cruz Trumplican" & has been on a mission to Steal my Identity in the TV video Games.

It is Stunning.

It is infuriating.


She for a fact knows I was married on board the Elissa.

She for a fact knows that I was a Galveston County Homeowner.

She for a fact knows I was a Boat Owner.

She for a fact knows that I named my Daughter for the Boat that I was married on:


So why am I telling you THIS?

THIS is what the FAKE PRESIDENT also known as "the Real Donald Trump" is doing to families.

We need a President who will UNIFY not Divide Americans.

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