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Separation of Church & State. Is it Time for Churches to Pay Their Fair Share of TAXES?

Separation of Church & State. Is it Time for Churches to Pay Their Fair Share of TAXES?

UPDATE. Doing away with the Tax Exemption for Churches would go a LONG WAY towards balancing the Federal Budget AND pay for things the American People NEED - like Health Care.

Just like the rest of us pay taxes based on a percentage of our Income, this measure would not hurt smaller Churches.

This, plus Taxing the top 1% who ALSO PAY NO TAXES AT ALL - both Individuals & Corporations.

Please Read Below .


I've been thinking along these lines for a very long time now. Last night, I forgot to set the sleep timer on my TV & was jolted awake at 3am by some Televangelist encouraging Sacrificial Giving by Credit Card, telling people not to worry about incurring Credit Card Debit - that God would amplify their gift.


My reaction?

Where is my Remote Control. Turn that shit off - & give it one of these

Last Saturday, while Republicans were busy ramming a questionable pick for the Supreme Court down the throats of the American people, my church I was Baptized in was giving Holy Communion at the Capital One Arena in Washington DC "washing away the SINS OF CORRUPT POLITICIANS."

The Church may forgive them, God may forgive them, but I CANNOT.

Virtually every one of these Televangelists have Tax-Exempt Status - they pay ZERO TAXES.

They all hire very few actual employees with a paycheck, depending on Volunteer Workers - "modern-day Slave Labor."

They all go on "Mission Trips" to foreign countries. This year it's very much in vogue for the Mega Churches to go to Israel.

Are you sitting there telling us you want the American people to fund your vacation, volunteer to be your slave labor and turn a blind eye to the fact that Organized Religion PAYS NO TAXES???

AMERICANS ARE DYING . Mega-Churches have plenty of Mission Work that can be done IN THIS COUNTRY.

So thoroughly DISGUSTED with the church right now.

Can I get an "Amen" GIRLS???

BULLYING is a Problem in America. Like my ideas? Seeking Corporate Sponsors, Corporate Partners & Like-Minded Individuals to find REAL SOLUTIONS to massive problems like how to Balance the Federal Budget. I'm not building a CHURCH asking for a 10% TAX FREE Donation of your hard-earned Dollars. Join me Here for more information or to give to a worthy-cause: Ending BULLYING

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