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Sexism & Misogynoir not Toxic Masculinity at the Grammy Awards. Publish the ERA

Prejudice and Discrimination have many names, but I'm not sure we need new ways to describe intolerance of people who are different from us.

Misogynoir & Toxic Masculinity are two new terms to describe Prejudice & Discrimination that have cropped up in recent years but both are really just different ways to describe Sexism & Racism, Prejudice & Discrimination.

ANYONE can be Prejudice

The term Misogynoir, a relatively new phenomenon named back in 2010 has been recently used to describe the intense scrutiny of Supreme Court Nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson faced during her Confirmation Hearing.

I didn't watch any of the Hearings & can't speak to her qualifications one way or another. What I can say is the same thing I said at the Confirmation hearing of Amy Coney Barrett - that Gender neither Qualifies or Disqualifies a person's ability to serve.

I would also suggest that another definition of the term Misogynoir describes the phenomenon of Sexism in "Women of Color" who hate the fact that they are Women.

There has been so much discussion on the question of "What is a Woman" online & continuing on Facebook this morning, I thought that I would reiterate that this has always been the way I define Misogynoir since I first heard the term years ago.

I've had Co-workers with such a bad case of Misogynoir - people that I personally KNOW - Women whose Misogynoir is so bad that it rises to the level of Penis Envy. These former co-workers are so pissed off that they were born female instead of male that their level of Self-loathing colors - or "Pre-judges" - their opinions towards other women.

This is evident in Female RAPPERS who disrespect themselves & all Women when they belt out insulting & infuriating Lyrics that are derogatory towards WOMEN.

This is the same push back I've had against "Toxic Masculinity."

Do people have such a hard time recognizing that "Black & Brown People" can be REVERSE RACIST that we need to coin a new term to describe YOUR PREJUDICE?

Yet the words "White Supremacist" & "White Privilege" flow so easily from your mouth.


All while you hand out Grammy Awards for calling WOMEN BITCHES.

The Grammy Awards need to stop REWARDING OBSCENITY in Rap Music Lyrics.



You people are REVERSE RACIST.

Publish the Equal Rights Amendment to officially make Sex Discrimination ILLEGAL.

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