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Shop Small for Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Days are around the corner on June 21 & 22 this year. Support Small Business & learn something in the process.

While Amazon has made Jeff Bezos a Gazillionaire, the Mom & Pop Small Business Sellers on the Amazon Marketplace are NOT.

A Marketplace - any Venue, whether Brick & Mortar or Online like Amazon is not a Manufacturer of Goods: that's us - the Creators who have something to Sell on their Platform.

Just like Wal-Mart.

Just like Target.

Just like any Store that you go to in person to buy your Groceries.

Your Clothes.

Anything you want or need to Buy.

Your favorite Grocery Store does not Manufacture Coke or Pepsi: they enter into an Affiliate Agreement to sell other people's things for a Commission.

This is how the free Marketplace works: it is Commission-based Sales of things other people make.

Amazon Prime Days are a great time to save of Products that you would like, want or need to get - & at a substantial Savings.

One of the main benefits of shopping Prime Days on Amazon is Free Shipping.

With a Digital Product like an EBook, there's no shipping required: just point, click, download & enjoy.

You're on Amazon anyway, why not add VALUE to your Order with a Book or EBook?

Make your plan to Save now, beginning with my Feminist Bookshelf

On this page you find my Book, "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office," along with Sponsored Links & Searches for all kinds of Feminist Books in the format of your choice: Hardcopy or Digital Download.

Learn about the Equal Rights Amendment, Emotional Intelligence, How to End Bully, Politics, Civics & More!

Save your Wishlist to your Shopping Cart then get ready to SAVE beginning June 21st.

Get Yours NOW

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