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Should Women Be Thankful for Being SLANDERED on Thanksgiving? Publish the Equal Rights Amendment

Holy Frijoles Thanksgiving 2022 is on November 24th this year & despite WOMEN doing all of the nurturing, cooking & cleaning to make sure everyone has a happy healthy Holiday, the slanderous SEXISM has been going on all week.

You would think people could give the SEXISM a rest for one day a year, but nope.

Americans have become accustom with "Black Friday" which has been a Thanksgiving Tradition for DECADES as a way for Retailers to give Holiday Shoppers a price break.

Saving on gifts for our loved ones is a Time-Honored Holiday Tradition.

Problem is that, much like the "competitive eating," Holiday Shopping is more like hedonistic warfare, "weaponizing gifts" & Shoppers getting "mauled at the Mall."

WORDS are not weapons.

NUMBERS are not weapons.

CALENDARS are not weapons.

DAYS are not weapons.

TIME is not a weapon.

LANGUAGE is not a weapon.

It is No Bueno.

This year, some people are trying to make "Brown Friday" a thing.

As if "Toilet Paper Mummies" for Halloween wasn't bad enough, now we've got plumbing issues for Thanksgiving???


And WHAT PRAY TELL do WOMEN have to do with it, besides absolutely NOTHING.


Sexism in the Hispanic Community - that I've written about FOR YEARS - is likely due to the FACT that the Spanish Language assigns GENDER to inanimate objects: EVERYTHING is assigned either Masculine or Feminine attributes.


It is stunning that women can be attacked even on a Holiday.

Need help with that Turkey?

For VERIFIED HELP, Butterball has a Thanksgiving Help Line at

1 (800) Butterball.

#Women will be VERY THANKFUL when the #EqualRightsAmendment is published making #Sexism & #Discrimination ON ACCOUNT OF #SEX illegal, giving us #Constitutional#Equality Happy Thanksgiving? PUBLISH #ERA

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