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Slandering WOMEN as a Class of People on the RAT Channel. Election 2020 Halloween Edition

Women need Ratification of the #EqualRightsAmendment to protect us from Hate Speech & Bullying of all kinds when we turn on the TV.

On October 24th this morning "Good" Morning America Saturday, the Rat Channel on ABC decided to attack Women in the most offensive way possible for their Halloween "Trick or Treating."

Let's start here with Today's Date: 10/24/2020

Then they continued on with a foray into the Animal Kingdom in the most SEXIST, MISOGYNISTIC & Infuriating way possible.

Murder Hornets.

Did they just call WOMEN Whores???

How do you even begin to unpack everything that is WRONG about that???

The ABC RATS just SLANDERED every Woman in this Country with their IMPLIED CODED SPEECH.

How well do you think this would be received if they did a Story about GORILLAS AT THE ZOO?

Maybe they would like to Feed the Monkeys a Banana???

How would YOU feel to hear GARBAGE like that on TV???

This falls under the Category of "Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right" & is the Basis of Emotional Intelligence: Treating others as YOU would Like to be Treated.

With Respect to "Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right" nobody I know has ever Acted this way.

When I set out to write "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office" my idea was born of the FACT that my Grandmommy's Brother was a BROADCAST PIONEER.

If my Uncle Jack knew about any of this from "Speaking in Code" to "Saying one thing & IMPLYING another" HE NEVER TOLD ANY OF US.

Everything about this morning's SLANDEROUS ATTACK ON WOMEN PROVES the need to Reimplement the Fairness Doctrine.

Until Legislation can be written regarding the Federal Communication Commission to reign in the Broadcast Industry, what can people do about this???

Buy the Book. It's all in there. $7 Digital Download on Amazon

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Buy, "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office" HERE

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