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Solutions so History Doesn't Repeat Itself

On any given day when the viewing public turns on the TV, there is story after story after story of brushes with the Law Enforcement Community.

While the murder by Cop incident involving George Floyd didn't involve a shooting by Derek Chauvin, many have been in the year since Floyd's death.

The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act that is making its' way through the Legislature should easily pass & be a good place to start.

Like I mentioned in Monday's Blog Post, the general public - not just Law Enforcement need to learn De-Escalation techniques - essentially how to "fight fair" & calm themselves down in the heat of an argument.

This has a lot to do with why the Police get called in the first place: when people resort to violence to resolve disputes with each other.

When people can control their own behavior there's no need to involve the Police.

One suggestion when the Police have no other option than use of deadly force - when suspects are armed - is to shoot them in the Leg rather than the torso.

A suspect who is shot in the Leg isn't going anywhere fast.

In fact they've likely been brought to their knees & will live to see their day in Court for whatever it was that they did.

This morning, Vigils for George Floyd from overnight were reported to have been peaceful, yet there are still cries to "Defund the Police" among many groups including the Women's March.

There are no words for how upsetting this is.

De-Funding the Police is a terrible idea.

The thought process is to take those dollars & invest them in Social Programs in the Community, when people have the power to implement these ideas in their own homes already.

It's called Self Control.

Learn how to control your own behaviors.

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