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Stereotyping INDIVIDUALS. People are Individuals. PUBLISH ERA

The Equal Rights Amendment will protect WOMEN'S CIVIL RIGHTS, including protection from HATE SPEECH against Women.

Another violence-riddled weekend in America & three more Mass Shootings.

Already the the chatter on Social Media has turned to 1st Amendment issues of Free Speech.

With a degree in Journalism & having studied LIBEL LAW, I am very much of the opinion that "Free Speech" has gone too far.

It seems the only time people want to hear talk of limiting Slanderous Defamation of Character is with respect to "the Radicalization of White Supremist, Racist white people concerned about "Replacement Theory."

What the hell garbage is THAT?

I would like to know where Ben Crump was during the Billboard Music Awards that took place in Hollywood on Sunday & if he thinks that the Black Rappers who "WON" should be held accountable for CAUSING VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN?


People are INDIVIDUALS. I'm SO TIRED of listening to screams of #WhiteSupremist while #BlackRappers make MILLIONS #Rapping about #Bitches



Profiting from #ReverseRacism

Face the Music Permanent Page

It's all so Vogue to beat up on #WhitePeople.


The #Individual that did this is SICK. Don't blame the rest of us.

When we begin to understand that people are Individuals we don't scapegoat an entire CLASS of People based on Gender, Race or any other Physical Characteristic.

Prejudice is the phenomenon & Discrimination is the manifestation of Prejudice. Until we can eradicate Discrimination of all kinds including Racism, Sexism or Misogyny we should speak in terms of Prejudice.

For SOLUTIONS to this nonsense get "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office."

Bullying has become a global problem. This has got to stop. It seems to me that people are trying to fix Racism on the backs of WOMEN.

Seeking Corporate Partners, Corporate Sponsors and like-minded individual investors to bring this idea to life.

Ask me how & join me here

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