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That's a Wrap on Women's History Month. Publish the Equal Rights Amendment

Our Constitution is woefully out of date, beginning with the FAILURE to protect WOMEN from DISCRIMINATION by ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment.

It should be viewed as a Living Document to be amended as need be to reflect modern times.

Sex-based discrimination would be ILLEGAL under the Equal Rights Amendment.

SLANDEROUS & DISCRIMINATORY Rap Music Lyrics have allowed VERBAL ASSAULTS ON WOMEN & Hate Speech to rise to the point of State-Sponsored MISOGYNY when Rappers are applauded & Congratulated by Elected Official for Grammy "Wins."

So we all witnessed a real Assault at the Oscar Awards when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on Live TV. It was the slap heard around the world.

This will put 1st Amendment & Free Speech issues front & center yet again, yet discriminatory Rap Music Lyrics CAUSE violence against WOMEN every day. Nobody sees & nobody hears Domestic Violence until somebody dies.

Hate Speech leads to Hate Crimes & Violence Against WOMEN. PERIOD.

Giving WOMEN Constitutional Protection & Constitutional Equality doesn't take anything away from others.

It levels the playing field to give us the basic SAFETY, Dignity & Respect that WE ALL DESERVE.

This is not a History Book.

It is a Sociological analysis of the factors that have allowed RAMPANT GROWTH OF MISOGYNY in today's world that affect Women - like Income Inequality & the Normalization of Hate Speech.

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