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The 411 on 911. People Are Individuals. Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

Stanley Tools September 11, 2001
Stanley Tools September 11, 2001

September was always such a happy month. Mom's Birthday is September 4th. September 10th was my Anniversary. And September 11 is my Dad's Birthday.

Let that sink in.

There were 19 Muslim MEN who hijacked the three planes that attacked the World Trade Center, the Pentagon & Shanksville, Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001.

It is those INDIVIDUALS that are responsible for those acts of War against this Country.

Below is my personal story of how Bullying, Politics & Identity Theft have gotten out of control.

Just as Social Media was quick to label the "Hashtag Texas Taliban" when Governor Greg Abbott signed the Unconstitutional Abortion Ban into Law on September 1st this year, all Texans were Slandered & Bullied with this Hashtag.

No, all Texans are NOT responsible for the actions of our Republican Governor.

It was hurtful.

It was hateful.

And as a Texan, I felt PERSONALLY SLANDERED & BULLIED by this Hashtag.

Here is something I wrote for my personal Facebook page several years ago on the 10th Anniversary of 911.

September 11, 2011 at 7:13am

I'm sitting here this am watching the 10th Anniversary Memorials & attempting to write this through the blinding tears that are streaming down my face. On that God-awful wretched day, we thought our beloved sister Kimberly was dead. I couldn't stop crying then as I am now.

Diane Sawyer & I Good Morning America
Diane Sawyer & I Outside Good Morning America Studio

Having completed her Under Graduate Bachelor's Degree at Duke, she was working on her Master's at NYU & living in Time Square.


As you can imagine all communication was jammed: you couldn't call in, you couldn't call out.




Just dead silence.

Charles Gibson & I Good Morning America 2001
Charles Gibson & I Good Morning America 2001

I can't remember who called whom first, but my other sister & I were desperately trying to get any word that she was still alive.


To make matters worse, Mom & Dad were MIA too.


On their way back from their second home in London, had their plane been used as one of the missiles???


I was facing the possibility of having 3 dead family members.


Apparently her route between Time Square & NYU had put her Subway car emerging from the tunnel just before it collapsed - literally the last car to make it out.


I cannot imagine the nightmares she must still have. But I'm not her, I cannot speak for her. I can only relate my own hellish panic that I felt on that day.

Me Outside Associated Press BLDG October 2001
Me outside AP Headquarters NYC 2001

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