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The 411 on 911. People Are Individuals. Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

Stanley Tools September 11, 2001
Stanley Tools September 11, 2001

Encore Presentation. September was always such a happy month. Mom's Birthday is September 4th. September 10th was my Anniversary. And September 11 is my Dad's Birthday.

Let that sink in.

There were 19 Muslim MEN who hijacked the three planes that attacked the World Trade Center, the Pentagon & Shanksville, Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001.

It is those INDIVIDUALS that are responsible for those acts of War against this Country.

Below is my personal story of how Bullying, Politics & Identity Theft have gotten out of control.

Just as Social Media was quick to label the "Hashtag Texas Taliban" when Governor Greg Abbott signed the Unconstitutional Abortion Ban into Law on September 1st this year, all Texans were Slandered & Bullied with this Hashtag.

No, all Texans are NOT responsible for the actions of our Republican Governor.