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The Disgrace of June 2022. Publish the Equal Rights Amendment for ALL of Women's Rights

The Month of June is typically recognized as "Pride Month" for the LGBT Community. However, June of 2022 was one stunningly EVIL attack on WOMEN after another in the most Sexist, Misogynistic way possible.

Despite the Equal Rights Amendment being Ratified in January of 2020, the Biden Administration is still fighting against it being published into an updated version of our Constitution in a dereliction of his duty as the Nation's top Executive.

He can fix this with one phone call to the National Archivist, but he REFUSES.

This failure has led to the Supreme Court being able to overturn Roe/v/Wade, essentially saying to the WOMEN of this Nation that we don't have the Right to control our own bodies & our own HEALTHCARE.

June has also been dubbed as "Black Music Month"

I doubt that former President Jimmy Carter could have foreseen how far the state of Black Music would degenerate when he dubbed June as Black Music Month in 1979.

There were NO RAPPERS.

He was likely thinking of all of the Motown Artists that people of my Generation grew up listening to.


Then to cap it all off, 2022 was the first OFFICIAL Federal Observance of the Texas State Holiday Juneteenth.

Juneteenth is the official observance of Slaves in Galveston, Texas hearing for the first time that President Abraham Lincoln had signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

How did our local Houston Rappers celebrate this new Federal Holiday?

By releasing stunning Hate Speech against Women calling us BITCH.

Well, Happy Juneteenth to you too.

Is there some reason Rappers feel the need to FIX RACISM WITH SEXISM???

For the entire 5 years since I opened this Webpage in 2017, the question of Sexist Obscenity has been front & center as my #1 issue.

But in particular, the 1st Amendment seems to be a Sacred Cow & anything goes, well almost.

Obscene Language has NEVER been protected Speech under the First Amendment:

I have looked at SEVERAL methods to fix the STUNNING DISGRACE in "Free Speech," including several ways in the Founding Documents.

"..whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.." Declaration of Independence

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