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The Remarkable Parallels between Rep John Lewis & Women's Rights Legend Alice Paul.

Women's Suffrage Parade, Washington DC, March 3, 1913
Inez Mulholland leading Alice Paul's National American Woman Suffrage Association Parade one day before the Inauguration of President Woodrow Wilson

ENCORE PRESENTATION. Women's History Month Day 27. This was written in July of 2020 in preparation for the Women's Suffrage Centennial celebrating 100 years of voting rights for women, when we all heard the news that Congressman John Lewis had died.

Many in our Congressional Leadership today worked alongside Lewis & knew him for many years.

Like he was fond of saying "If you see something, say something," & I gotta believe that would apply to any kind of injustice, including the Hate Speech against women that has been Normalized by Pop Culture.

During the 2016 Presidential Campaigns when Democratic Nominee Secretary Clinton was bullied within an of her life by the person who became the 45th President of this country, out-going First Lady Michelle Obama would say:

"When they go LOW, we go High."

What was she saying?

That Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right.