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Tweeting Out For the Bird Sanctuary. Publish the Equal Rights Amendment

UPDATE. With the Election behind us & Thanksgiving around the corner, it occurred to me that Twitter isn't exactly "For the Birds."

More so now that there's been a hostile takeover in ownership.

Tolerance, Acceptance & Inclusion are all primary tenants of Emotional Intelligence, so why do people on Social Media scream about other types of Discrimination & Prejudice yet openly participate in Sexist, Misogynistic Hate Speech towards WOMEN as a Class of People?

It's not just on Social Media.

It's also the "Mainstream Media."

Half the time we turn on the TV it's "Open Season" on Women where Anchors bring their personal prejudices against WOMEN, also known as Sexism & Misogyny into the "quote/unquote News" like - for example, calling in sick or refusing to report the News on the 14th of the month.

(Here's a Hint: we can see when TV Anchors don't show up for work & we can read a Calendar.)

Holy Frijoles, give us a break from your prejudice against Women.

What on God's Green Earth do BIRDS have to do with Constipation???

This is every bit as awful as TV News Anchors posting on Social Media about the "Toilet Paper Mummy Costume" they wore for Halloween.


Then we wonder why we can't Elect a WOMAN to the Highest Office in our land.

As happy as I am that the Biden/Harris Ticket won the Presidential Election this year with the New Administration to be sworn-in in January, this Ad is not a Political Ad but it DOES COLOR PEOPLE'S OPINIONS.

The Product Positioning of this Company's Advertising efforts is about as MISOGYNISTIC as it gets.

Stuff like this is a big part of the reason WOMEN do still need the protection of the Equal Rights Amendment.

A Hate Speech Bill would also help.

Something else that would help?

Learning to treat People as INDIVIDUALS.

Still just $7

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