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UnChristian-Like Behavior of Christian Hypocrites. Publish the ERA

Religious Hypocrites

Christmas is the celebration of the birth, life & death of Christ Jesus who Christians believe lived & died for the salvation of all who believe he is our Savior.

Some Christians will say Grace over a meal, blessing every crumb of bread they eat, then RACE TO CHURCH, complaining about White Women & the English Language.

Meanwhile, in other News, Joe Biden is falling all over himself to embrace Judaism - just the same as Trump with his race to Israel - all while INSULTING WOMEN in this Country who DEMAND to have Constitutional Equality UNDER THE EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT.

While we are putting Christ back into Christmas & Jesus as the Reason for the Season, I'm pretty sure that the #VirginMary had something to do with that Immaculate Birth.

It's pretty stunning to watch this happen.


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