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Understanding Health Insurance Toolkit

Understanding Health Insurance Toolkit

ENCORE PRESENTATION. 11/1 is the first day of Open Enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace, affectionately known as ObamaCARE.

For people who are not offered Employee Benefits at their job, now is the time to get Covered.

I haven't been online much as I've been Enrolling Senior Citizens in Medicare. I will decide what to do with this page at the end of Enrollment Season.

Also today, the Supreme Court will hear the Texas Abortion Ban case.

Abortion is a Women's Health issue.

For now, please read below & get covered.

ObamaCARE saves lives.

UPDATE. Today is the first day of Open Enrollment for ObamaCARE. While I am currently still Licensed through 2021, my interest in Health CARE remains purely personal & Political: Health Insurance has been my bread & butter for the past 13 years. I was here for the rollout of ObamaCARE & I survived the dismantling of this Life-Saving program since the #ApprenticePresident took office.

This post has been Updated & Updated & Updated - and each addition highlights how various parts of our Health Insurance Industry works to save lives.