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Unifying Our Divided Country. Black Friday Edition

Emotional Intelligence teaches us Caring, Empathy, the Ability to Put Ourselves in Someone Elses' Shoes & How to Treat Other Individuals like We Would Like to Be Treated.

Today is Black Friday 2020.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving.

The thing that I am most Thankful for this morning is that we will have a New Administration in Washington that will TRY TO Unify this Divided Country.

On Thanksgiving Morning, I called out an Offensive Post on the Official Page for the Texas Democratic Party & I "became the Football," getting kicked all around the Internet on Facebook.

I knew it would happen but Sacrificed myself as a Teachable Moment & did it anyway to show Democratic Party Leadership WHY we will never Turn Texas Blue if they keep attacking White Voters.

This post is so Aggressively REVERSE RACIST - & actually I Object.


is Racism

is Racism.

There is No "Reverse" about it it.

This falls under the Category "If you SEE Something, Say Something."

I almost said something during the Texas Democratic Convention, but I didn't want to Cost us Votes. I thought to my self "Let's get past the Election & successfully Vote the #ApprenticePresident out of Office, then I will say something."

It never occurred to me that Democrats could "Win the Presidency but LOSE the Senate."

The Party is pushing away White Voters like me with their Racist attitudes towards White People.

Of the people who joined in the Tackle-Pile, I can guarantee that NOBODY read what I actually said, except for the couple of people who made the Sports Analogy with the University of Texas' Team Colors being Orange.

I can for a FACT guarantee this:

100% of everyone who saw that post for a FACT knew that the Day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday.

Is Black Friday a Day to Save People money, to HELP you with your Christmas Shopping?

Or has it been WEAPONIZED to ATTACK WHITE People?

That having been said now how do we feel about those COLORS?

I hope the Texas Democratic Party will take this as a Teachable Moment & change their Official Party Messaging.

Unifying our Country is gonna take the best efforts of 100% of all of us doing our best to get along.

Unless of course you like Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

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