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Unifying Our Divided Country. Black Friday Edition

Emotional Intelligence teaches us Caring, Empathy, the Ability to Put Ourselves in Someone Elses' Shoes & How to Treat Other Individuals like We Would Like to Be Treated.

Today is Black Friday 2020.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving.

The thing that I am most Thankful for this morning is that we will have a New Administration in Washington that will TRY TO Unify this Divided Country.

On Thanksgiving Morning, I called out an Offensive Post on the Official Page for the Texas Democratic Party & I "became the Football," getting kicked all around the Internet on Facebook.

I knew it would happen but Sacrificed myself as a Teachable Moment & did it anyway to show Democratic Party Leadership WHY we will never Turn Texas Blue if they keep attacking White Voters.

This post is so Aggressively REVERSE RACIST - & actually I Object.