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Validation of What is Real. Stop Playing the NAME Game with People's Lives

Broadcast Pioneer

UPDATE. Apparently the Golden Globe Awards were yesterday - I wouldn't know, I didn't watch it.

Enduring four years of the the Apprentice President who "got Elected" BECAUSE of NAME RECOGNITION with a Cartoon Character brought the conversation of "What is REAL & What is DELUSIONAL THOUGHT front & center in American life.

The Fake President who holds himself out to be "REAL" is REALLY A BULLY & is REALLY OFF HIS ROCKER.

We see the Name Game being played out WITH POLITICIANS as the newly "Elected" Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy is poised to bring the Red Scare into the halls of Congress BECAUSE HIS NAME IS MCCARTHY.

This morning ordinary people in all walks of life will be glowing with Delusions of Grandeur at having "Won" a Golden Globe - due to the Name Game.


We are NOT our Politicians.

We are NOT our Musicians.