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Validation of What is Real. Stop Playing the NAME Game with People's Lives

Broadcast Pioneer

UPDATE. Apparently the Golden Globe Awards were yesterday - I wouldn't know, I didn't watch it.

Enduring four years of the the Apprentice President who "got Elected" BECAUSE of NAME RECOGNITION with a Cartoon Character brought the conversation of "What is REAL & What is DELUSIONAL THOUGHT front & center in American life.

The Fake President who holds himself out to be "REAL" is REALLY A BULLY & is REALLY OFF HIS ROCKER.

We see the Name Game being played out WITH POLITICIANS as the newly "Elected" Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy is poised to bring the Red Scare into the halls of Congress BECAUSE HIS NAME IS MCCARTHY.

This morning ordinary people in all walks of life will be glowing with Delusions of Grandeur at having "Won" a Golden Globe - due to the Name Game.


We are NOT our Politicians.

We are NOT our Musicians.

We are NOT our Baseball Players.

And we are not our Football Players.


We even see this with TV Anchors who VERY DELUSIONALLY claim ownership of things like Samsung Electronics for example.

No they are NOT SINGERS.

Step away from the Microphone because that is NOT REAL.


This weekend is the Houston Marathon.

Will any Marathoners be getting MARRIED?

Who knows.

Please read below & buy the Book HERE

UPDATE: We trust that when we look to the nightly news for information about what's going on in our world, that what we are seeing & hearing is true & accurate. This trust is IMPLIED CREDIBILITY.

We trust that if it's on TV it must be true.

Unless there is deliberate disinformation, propaganda or FAKE NEWS.

Originally posted back in 2017, this is the origin of many of my ideas about "the Real Donald Trump" & his "Fake News."

The only "Real thing" about that "Fake President is that he "Really watches too much TV."

His Political Rhetoric & Bullying has been so so bad for the last four years that there are "Trumplicans" in my own family that I no longer consider family.

Christians are taught to "Turn the Other Cheek." I am quite simply out of cheeks to turn.

Thank GOD we have a new Administration in office & we don't have to listen to his divisiveness anymore.

That having been said, this is my Grandmother's brother, Jack Brown who was REALLY a Broadcast PIONEER, at his first job in Radio in the 1940s.

He was MY Uncle:

I knew him.

I loved him.

He went on to start, found & OWN his own Radio Station, WLON in Lincolnton, North Carolina in 1953 at the time when Elvis Pressley was King.

I can honestly say that THIS is causing a "real" division by INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE "living vicariously through their quote/unquote actors."

The Oscar Awards are this weekend.

Thankfully, I work for myself & will not have tolerate the millions of other people racing to work Monday Morning with the smug knowledge:

"They said my NAME on TV"


"See??? Did you SEE that??? They showed my PICTURE on the Oscar Awards."


People "playing video games" with TV Shows is how we wound up with the "Reality Show President"

This is also why I keep harping on the First Amendment & those MISOGYNIST Lyrics in Rap Music.

My Uncle Jack died in April of 2001 & I'm sure he is rolling in his grave at what's going on in Broadcast these days.

For Solutions on these problems & more, get your copy of "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office" here.

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