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VERIFY. Ethics Reform Needed in Political Advertising

Thankfully, the Political mud-slinging season will be over, finished & done next week with the National Mid-Term Elections being on Tuesday, but that doesn't stop the need for VERIFICATION.

Deliberate Disinformation.

Material MisInformation.

Outright Lies.

And a "Reckless Disregard for the Truth" all point to the need to VERIFY whether a story is based on Fact or is an Unsubstantiated Rumor.

Political Advertising is some of the worst on TV & we have the First Amendment to thank for that.

We do have Libel Laws in this Country for when Free Speech goes too far, but they are rarely enforced & certain types of Slanderous Character Assassination such as Black Music calling WOMEN Bitch for Profit is REWARDED.

No wonder Hillary Clinton "lost" to Trump in 2016 when Rappers receive Grammy Awards for saying the B-word & much worse.

Last week Elon Musk purchased Twitter, vowing to allow any & all Speech, including Hate Speech.

We've already got that. A Platform that spews Hate. It's called

The Grammy Awards

& the Billboard Music Awards

& the MTV Video Music Awards

It's called Hollywood.

All while people stand on the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

They claim their so-called "right" to BULLY others.

Our outdated Constitution should be seen as a Living Document to be altered to fit the times we're living in & NOBODY should have a Constitutional Right to commit SLANDER.

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