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Vice Presidential Debate. Election 2020

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Women's Equality is on the Ballot.

Women's Health Care is on the Ballot.

The Supreme Court is on the Ballot.

ObamaCARE is on the Ballot.

The NRA is on the Ballot.

Abortion is on the Ballot.

Common human DECENCY is on the Ballot.

Tonight is the Second Debate of the 2020 Presidential Election Season, with Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris going head to head with the current Vice President, Mike Pence.

After yet another week of stunningly exhausting events following the catastrophic Presidential Debate & Subsequent Covid-19 Infections of the current "President" & half of his inner circle, Pence - thankfully - has agreed to plexiglass Covid19 dividers between himself & Harris.

Normally I tend to post first thing in the morning.

This morning I had a visit from my Little

Lobbyist member, my Grandson Solomon. If he lives to be 100, he will be critically Ill his ENTIRE LIFE.

Thank you Elena Hung, Laura LeBraun Hatcher & all of the Little Lobbyists families for your Advocacy in Washington DC for the children we love.

As a Licensed Health Insurance agent, there are no words for how distraught I am over the Trump Administration.

That Bully cares about no one but himself.

So it's taken all day to collect my thoughts & shop for an image to get this Post online.

I will be taking a couple days off from posting after this. The Campaign whip-lash is getting to be too much.












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