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Watching Her Wake Up on Her Deathbed. Publish the Equal Rights Amendment

ENCORE PRESENTATION.. Happy Birthday Brenda Annette Stanley. 9/4/1942 - 8/12/2012. People assume that WOMEN are responsible for "Speaking in Code." No we are NOT. My Mom never acted this way, HOW COULD SHE TEACH THIS GARBAGE TO ME??? It is NOT OK to blatantly attack WOMEN in pop culture of all kinds.


The War on Women is Prejudicial SEXIST DISCRIMINATION, maybe even Reverse Racism.

With the protection of the Equal Rights Amendment, Pop Culture would not be able to declare "Open Season" on women as has been done for DECADES in Music, in Movies & in TV Advertising.

I have learned YOUR CODE late in life by watching TV..

On August 12, 2012 my Mom collapsed into my arms & died of Stage 4 Lung Cancer.

These are my thoughts on what it was like to see my Mom figure out what the world does to WOMEN behind our backs.

On This Day, September 4, 2020 I honor the memory of my Mom Brenda Annette Stanley on her Birthday.

Born on 9/4/1942 in Gastonia, North Carolina, Mom died on August 12, 2012 just shy of her 70th Birthday.