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The Apprentice President. Stop Playing Games With ObamaCARE. Election 2020

As a Health Insurance Agent of 14 years in good standing, who is Duty-Bound by #ETHICS, I could not be more furious about the #ApprenticePresident's repeated & ongoing efforts to Repeal ObamaCARE with No Plan for Replacement.

The Nation's HealthCARE is NOT a Game.

2015 was the last year I Enrolled Insurance for ANY Insurance Company - by choice - MY CHOICE - due to my distress & INFURIATION over the "Quote/Unquote" Spring Training I received at the Regional Corporate Office of one of my Major Medical Health Insurance Companies the following year in 2016:


This Sham of a Training was SO #UNETHICAL & quite frankly No Training at all that I didn't want any part of it.

I'm not sure how I sat there for all 3 hours of it without running screaming from the room.

So once again I am about to be an #UnininsuredHealthInsuranceAgent

With the 3rd & final #PresidentialDebate tonight, I spent the morning not writing this Blog Post, but with a trip to my Primary Care Physician's office to do my Medication Management Review, do Blood Work for a year's-worth of Prescriptions & for Referral's for my