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What Women Want for Christmas is the ERA

ENCORE PRESENTATION. Publication of the Equal Rights Amendment would level the playing field for WOMEN in all areas of life, but Republican & Democratic Lawmakers alike are BLOCKING this sorely-needed piece of Legislation from becoming the Law of the Land.

Today, December 1, 2021, the Supreme Court is hearing Oral Arguments in the Mississippi Abortion Case that seeks to overturn the Texas Abortion Decision in Roe/vs/Wade.

Not all Women need an Abortion, but all Women DO NEED the ERA.

Legislating Morality & control over Women's bodies have been the goal all along with so-called Conservative Christians

.....A big part of the reason I believe we need Separation of Church & State in this Country.

There are so many myriad reasons why Women NEED the Publication of the Equal Rights Amendment, HealthCARE, Income Inequality, & so on, but I think the biggest factor for me is to STOP THE SPREAD OF HATE SPEECH in Black Music.

American Culture is so "Woke" & Divisive that it has become "OK" to OPENLY attack white People, in particular WHITE WOMEN.

I AM a White Woman who is FED UP with screams of "Racial Slurs" in Headline News all while you "WOKE People" hand out Grammy Awards for Misogynistic, Sexist TRASH from Black Musicians.


THIS is why Women need the Equal Rights Amendment. Protection from Hate Speech that leads to Violence against Women.

Publish the Equal Rights Amendment & Have a Happy New Year.

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DJ Screw is NOT Diana Ross & the Supremes. PUBLISH the Equal Rights Amendment to Protect WOMEN from HATE SPEECH IN BLACK MUSIC, then get "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office" HERE


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