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Women Can't Wait. Thoughts on the 28th Amendment. Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment Now

Alice Paul's Suffrage Banner. The 19th Amendment is Ratified August 26th, 1920
Alice Paul unfurling Suffrage Banner in 1920 when Tennessee became the needed 38th State to Ratify the 19th Amendment

UPDATE. Women have been in a Constitutional Crisis since January of 2020 when the Equal Rights Amendment was LEGALLY RATIFIED & not one but TWO sitting Presidents have been in DERELICTION OF THEIR DUTY TO PUBLISH.

There is a reason the Founders of this Country set up our system of Government with a Separation of Power between the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch & the Judicial Branch of American Government.

Both Biden & Trump HAVE LIED TO OUR FACE.

Biden's role in disrespecting WOMEN has been worse BECAUSE HE PRETENDS TO BE HELPING US & will even STAGE A ROUSE to divert our attention away from the FACT that he is ACTIVELY FIGHTING AGAINST THE ERA IN THE US SUPREME COURT.


UPDATE. Women's History Month Day 8. Today is also International Women's Day. For the three years since I've opened my Web Page, I've been on a mission to fix those terrible NUMBERS for Women. It has been a long-standing pet peeve of mine beginning with the Fact that I was Born on Friday the 13th. 1/13/1961.

Those dodgy God damn NUMBERS have been the bain of my existence MY ENTIRE LIFE.

WHEN the Equal Rights Amendment FINALLY does get Ratified, it will be the 28th Amendment to the US Constitution.


28th - AGAIN.


From the beginning, I've wondered why Women's Rights Issues mostly took place in August - the 8th Month of the year.

And then I began studying the HISTORY of the Women's Rights Movement.

We've got Women's History Month in March, the 3rd Month of the Year.

We've got the Women's Suffrage Centennial in August, the 8th Month of the Year.

And we've got the pending Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment that is currently making its' way through the Court System due to the refusal of the National Archivist to recognize the State of Virginia's State Ratification earlier this year.

We study History to improve lives in the Present & Future - something I've said time & time again in this Blog.

In brainstorming ideas for today's Blog & knowing my thoughts on NUMBERS & the fact that, when Ratified, the Equal Rights Amendment will the the 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution, I started wondering "Well. What is the 27th Amendment?" & "When was the last time the Constitution was Amendment?"

This was what I found:

On this date, the First Congress (1789–1791) submitted the original 12 amendments to the Constitution, crafted by Representative James Madison of Virginia, to the states for ratification. Two years later, the states approved 10 of the amendments and, thus, created the Bill of Rights. The states, however, did not approve the other two amendments, one of which pertained to congressional pay. Two hundred years later, the proposed congressional pay amendment resurfaced with wide public support and the law worked its way through the remaining state legislatures. The measure stipulated that, “No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an election of Representatives shall have intervened.” Its provision fulfilled Madison’s belief that Congress should not be permitted to vote itself pay raises arbitrarily without constituents being able to register their approval or disapproval. With no time limit on ratification, the 27th Amendment was ratified in May 7, 1992, when Michigan approved it.


The last time our Constitution was Amended was with respect to Legislators' Paychecks?

It took 200 years for this Amendment to make it through the Legislative/Ratification process in the States, enabling it to become Federal Law - WITH NO TIME LIMIT on that process, yet the Equal Rights Amendment still has people fighting tooth & nail for & against Ratification.


Who could possibly be against EQUALITY.

Women Can't wait any longer.

Ratify the 28th Amendment - the Equal Rights Amendment now.

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