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Learn  about the struggle for

the 19th Amendment,

  why our Votes matter & how you can


Gaining the Right for Women to Vote

was Just the Beginning!!!!

We Still Have Work to Do

"Come In and Learn Why Women

Ought to Vote," 

Swing open the door of inspiration to encourage Civic-Mindedness in young girls to study Political Science beginning in Grade School with the New Children's

Pictorial History Book

"Come In and Learn Why Women Ought to Vote"

now available on Amazon.com.


Here on RevolvingDoorHR.com

Meet the Women's Rights & Civil Rights Pioneers that started the American Suffrage Movement that fought to have our Constitution Amended to make our Country more fair for everyone.  These Pioneer's include such brave souls as Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Carrie Chapman Catt,  Sojourner Truth, Harriett TubmanLucretia Mott & more.


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