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Freudian Psychology 101

Basic Freudian Psychology reduces all of human behavior to Sex & Toilet Training


When I see & hear some of our best educated, well-respected teachers teaching “it” wrong, I wanna just orbit the moon.


The problem in American Society today is that when we turn on the TV, turn on the radio, we see & hear highly intelligent people being stunningly stupid.


What we are seeing & what we are hearing accepts the basic premise of Freudian Psychology that all of human behavior can be reduced to sex or toilet training.


This insults our intelligence.

I am currently in my Health & Life Insurance re-licensing period & most of my test questions are in Multiple-Choice format.

“What is going on here?”


D.  None of the Above

In a Multiple Choice Quiz one might see something like this:

Lisa is sitting at her computer taking an online test.  What is Lisa doing?

A.  Lisa is shitting herself uncontrollably

B.  Lisa is having Sex

C.  Both A&B:  Lisa is both shitting herself  uncontrollably AND having Sex

D. None of the Above.  Lisa is neither shitting herself uncontrollably nor having Sex

I am sitting at my computer writing this & I can tell you I am neither having sex nor shitting myself uncontrollably. 

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