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Social Responsibility Amid Covid-19

I Protect You.
You Protect Me.

This is How We Defeat Covid-19

The Covid-19 Crisis that has brought the entire planet to its' knees has altered Life as we know it until further notice.

Containing this deadly Virus is gonna take the concerted efforts of 100% of all us while Health Officials, Scientists & Medical Professionals scramble for Treatments & a Cure.

Everyone is more mindful about sanitation, sterilization, hand-washing, wearing Face Masks & Gloves.  Retailers are painting floors at 6-foot intervals to help encourage Social Distancing while people are out in public. 


The entire World is doing it's dead-level best to contain this virus & save more lives during the crisis we're all living through.  

For people who live their lives with Emotional Intelligence, bound by Ethics, voluntary sacrifice FOR THE GREATER GOOD is second nature. for example, people like my Mom.  She always put the needs of her children above her own.  

Emotional Intelligence teaches us Caring, Empathy, the ability to put ourselves in someone else's shoes.

Ethics are that wee small voice that tell us the difference from right & wrong.

Our Conscience.

For people who weren't brought up by these primary tenants, this would be a good time for a basic Civics Lesson on the difference between Rights & Responsibility.

What people need to understand when we speak of our Constitutional RIGHTS, these Rights come with TREMENDOUS Responsibilities.

Nobody has the Right to trample the Rights of someone else while expressing their Constitutional Freedoms.  Basically, my Rights stop where your Rights begin & vice versa.

The 1st Amendment is a complex statement of rights including, Free Speech (implied), Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Religion & the Right for Peaceful Assembly.


This is a time when these First Amendment Rights take a Backseat to Civic RESPONSIBILITY.






Full on STOP.


Yet people who may not have gotten this Civics Lesson in Social Responsibility are taking to the streets again, this time demanding to Reopen the Country before America has reached it's peak of Deadly Virus Containment, including a Public Protest yesterday in Austin.


Texas Governor Gregg Abbott was the first Governor in the Nation to publicly introduce a Plan to do just that.  


Texas has yet to hit our Peak.  We have the Lowest Rate of Virus Testing in the Country.  We have NO IDEA how many Texans have been or are infected.


And to no one's surprise, the Apprentice President is contradicting the advice of his Advisors yet AGAIN

The handling of the Covid-19 response by the 45th President of our country has been botched from the beginning: slow to act, poor decisions, dismantling an entire branch of our Government put into place in the Obama Administration that was created to handle a Pandemic, under-funding our Health CARE System, always blaming others for his mistakes & making wildly-unhinged, unfounded claims.

All of us have an obligation to each other to contain this deadly Virus. People need to understand that "My behavior affects your Health. Your behavior affects my Health." We are truly in this together

"I Protect You.  You Protect Me.  This is How We Defeat Covid-19" is but the first of several designs I'm working on that I hope to have available soon.

There have been several organizations who have been distributing paper masks for free by the thousands.  We are a City of millions. 


For anyone unable to score a free mask, but needing to be in Compliance with the Executive Order can find a selection of Cloth Masks Here

So I've been brainstorming some ideas to help bring awareness & a sense of Social Consciousness/Social Responsibility to the issue of WHY we all need keep up these hygiene practices when we're out in Public. 


The way I see it, if I'm gonna have something stuck to my face, I may as well spread a Positive Message rather than Spreading Germs.

The Houston/Harris County Order to wear face masks in public or pay a $1000 Fine goes into effect on Monday.

Compliance with Public Official's Executive Orders that we Cover our Faces or pay a Fine is not intended to be Punitive.  These Orders are in place to protect the Public Health & some people STILL JUST DON'T GET IT.