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Feminist Bookshelf on Amazon


Introducing RDHR Partners Page Beginning with the Feminist Bookshelf

Take a trip to the Corner Store filled with Female-Friendly Feminist Products from these Amazon Partners from the comfort of your own home, beginning with "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office," & "Come In & Learn Why Women OUGHT to Vote."

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The Revolving Door HR Amazon Store is back open with a vested interest in making this world we all share a more CIVILIZED place for all of us, beginning with the Feminist Bookshelf.  

Major retailers such as HEB, Target, Wal-Mart & Amazon itself are not manufacturers themselves, but provide a vehicle for sales of a vast array of products like Coke or Pepsi. 


Products are made available to the public for a commission.

Such is Amazon Associates.

With a degree in Sociology, I believe that the lack of Civility & increase in Bullying in our Society needs to stop, wouldn't you agree?  We need to step up our efforts to teach the Humanities in our schools.  Humanities are a broad general category for Social Studies that include things like Civics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Social Psychology, Geography, History, Theology & ETHICS.

While I haven't read any of these titles, I can tell you each of these recommended books & authors are heading in the right direction - with a vested interest in healing our civilization.

Buy my book.  Buy their books. Read. Then put what you learn into action.  Our country is bleeding.  The bleeding has to stop.

Feminist Bookshelf.  Sponsored Books on Misogyny

Feminist Bookshelf.  Sponsored Books on Bullying

Feminist Bookshelf.  Sponsored Books on Emotional Intelligence

Feminist Bookshelf.  Sponsored Searches on Amazon Associates

Feminist Bookshelf. 

Sponsored Books on Politics

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