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Understanding Health Insurance Toolkit

Welcome to the doorway page for my Health Insurance Toolkit.  Health Insurance is a very organic, fluid, ever-changing product we buy for the protection of the health & financial well-being of those we love, including ourselves.  

As this page evolves, I will add a page per each major type of insurance & explain how to make it work for you.  The reason Agents need to be Licensed is that it IS extremely complex, with characteristics governed by each of the 50 States which can cause plans to vary wildly from State to State.

The American Health Care Industry, including Insurance has been under attack since January 2017.

This is why it's important for everyone to speak up & let our Elected Official know that THEY WORK FOR US - NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.


Call The Senate 12022243121

Individual Health Plans

Open Enrollment for Self Employed, 1099, part-time employees & those who are otherwise ineligible for employee benefits for individual health coverage for Obamacare begins 11/1.

As an Agent, I got into this industry 11 years ago out of a genuine interest in helping myself by helping others, going places others would not go: the Low-Income charity cases, working in the HIV/AIDS free clinic, etc.


I haven't found much caring among Medicare providers - & now as if the nightmare of mega-mergers within the Insurance Industry  wasn't concerning enough, enter the biggest "One-Person Life-time Menace"* to the American Healthcare System that is Donald Trump."


It's a terrible time to try to make a living in the Insurance Industry. There's got to be a better way to support myself out there, like for example starting an Education-only Web-based Business.

That having been said, Individual Health Plans are an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT aspect of health coverage that is neither Medicare nor Employee benefits.

In general, the 3 main types of Health Insurance are

  1. Government Sponsored (Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP)


    2. Employer Sponsored Employee Benefits (including both Major Medical & Supplements)

    3. Individual Coverage (both Individual through private Insurance Companies & government-sponsored, like the ACA under Obamacare.)

Individual Health Plans

Employer-Sponsored Plans

Coming Soon

Government Sponsored Plans

*Life-Time Menace is a nod to the Annual Big Brother Awards handed out by the good people at EPIC.org each year to the person, persons or agency that has done the most to errode our Personal Privacy - generally awarded to the NSA 

Legal Disclaimer for Non-Solicitation of Insurance Leads by Licensed Agent Lisa Annette Stanley, TDI #1407943, valid to January 31, 2023

The purpose of this webpage is Educational only, according to the broad General Concepts of how Americans get their Health Insurance Coverage in the US. 

No leads are generated, nor Health Plans sold through this page by me.

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