About Revolving Door HR

The Revolving Door HR is the sole business venture of Lisa Annette Stanley, Published author of "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy:"  How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office,

Revolving Door HR officially swung open its’ doors in August of 2016 in recognition of Women’s Equality Day & in response to the lack of Civility, Misogyny & BULLYING that has gripped our Nation.

Having Freelanced my services as a “1099 Self-Employed” Insurance Agent since 2006, I decided it was time to truly strike out on my own & actually go into business for myself as opposed to self-employed on paper.


I hold a Bachelor’s Degree Double Major in Sociology & Journalism, specializing in Advertising

Early in my career, I worked at a small newspaper where I was “Miss Classified,” handling all aspects of the Classified Ads Page, at a Mom & Pop magazine as a Typesetter & Production Assistant (long before the days of Desktop Publishing) and almost 10 years as a Yellow Pages Advertising Sales Executive.


I have been a Self Employed 1099 Licensed General Insurance Agent since 2006, primarily enrolling Medicare beneficiaries in Health, Dental & Life Insurance, Cemetery Pre-Planning Counseling & most recently Employee Benefits Counseling which I still do, also on a Freelance basis.