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The Federal Budget & Taxes

On February 20, 2020, the White House  Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released the Fiscal Year 2021 Federal Budget to the Public.

First & foremost, Democrats are going to turn out the VOTE in Election 2020.  This newly-released Federal Budget won't be implemented when we turn the White House Blue & have a Democrat back in Office.


That having been said, here is the Current Administration's 2021 Federal Budget.


If you're like me, you haven't had time to read it yet either. 


But here it is just the same:




The OMB has also released it's Analysis of what they call "Major Savings & Reforms."


Being a Licensed Health Insurance Agent for more than 13 years now, I pay close attention to any attack on the American Health CARE System.


ObamaCARE & MediCARE


So far, I've only managed to skim the Table of Contents & scroll to the pertinent passages that relate to Health CARE 


Federal Funding for the Department of Health & Human Services for Fiscal Year 2021, begins on Page 49:


The 2021 Budget requests $94.5 billion for HHS, a 10-percent decrease from the 2020 enacted level. The Budget proposes $1.6 trillion in net mandatory health savings, reducing longer-term deficits by eliminating wasteful spending while preserving beneficiaries access to care, enhancing competition, and prioritizing Federal resources for the most vulnerable.


Let's start here with the 10% Reduction in Health CARE Funding.


This Administration has been vowing to "Repeal & Replace ObamaCARE" from Day One, with no plan in place to implement these changes the President keeps talking about.


Individual Plans Under Obamacare


I speak a lot about our Philosopohy of Heath CARE Funding.


This can be on a Personal Level like examining the issue under a Microscope.


Or it can be Public Policy on the Federal Level like examining the issue with a Telescope.


In either circumstance, it is the PEOPLE that count.


What are our Values?  What do we CARE about?




In skimming through the Budget, this happened to catch my attention:


Page 17 quote

Taxpayers have repeatedly watched the Federal Government respond to any problem with the creation of new agencies, new programs, and new spending initiatives, instead of reorganizing, or repurposing what is already available within the vast bureaucracy. As a result, there are hundreds of programs in the Federal Government that have outlived their mission, duplicate efforts, or operate below peak efficiencies because of fragmented responsibilities between agencies.


Such as Space Force? 


We didn't need a new Space Force. 


We have one. 


It's Called NASA


The main impression I have without having read any of it yet is that we have a MASSIVE, Untapped source of Tax Revenue in this country that make Budget Cuts of any kind unnecessary:




Churches enjoy Tax-Exempt Status & PAY NO TAXES AT ALL.


It's something to think about.

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