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Alice Paul

"Equality of Rights Under the Law Shall Not Be Denied or Abridged By the United States Or Any State On Account of Sex."

Alice Paul, Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution, Introduced by the National Woman’s Party, 1923.

Equal Rights Amendment

Misogyny IS Hate Speech. 

Why the Equal Rights Amendment

Still Matters

We study History to improve our lives in the present and future.  The history of the Equal Rights Amendment & the failure of all 50 States to Ratify this important Legislation, has allowed the rampant growth of MISOGYNY.


This failure of the past has us in the present in 2019 struggling to get just one more state to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment into their State Constitution, bringing the total number of State Ratifications to the magic number of 38.


38 out of 50 States. 


Is that the best we can do as a Nation?  


This failure to Ratify has given rise to unfettered, uncontrolled RAMPANT MISOGYNIST ATTITUDES towards WOMEN.


Misogyny is defined as "HATRED of WOMEN."


For validation of the sad FACT, all we have to do is turn on the TV & count the number of MISOGYNISTIC ATTACK ADs you see.

With the protection of having the Equal Rights Amendment Ratified into Law, WOMEN would be Constitutionally protected from this kind of discrimination.

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