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My Mom Brenda Stanley in 1957 Playing Records on a Record Player

Our Music is important to us. 


It evokes deep Emotions.  


"What do we Love?" "What do we Like?" "What do we Hate?"


What is your favorite song?


Does it lift you up or recognize your pain?


Does your favorite Song cross the line of what is Socially Acceptable?


We all have our Deeply-held Personal Beliefs.

1st Amendment


Free Speech

Free Speech under the 1st Amendment guarantees that the Government cannot stifle Citizen's ability to express themselves, however places no restrictions on individuals, individual artists, musicians or the Entertainment Industry as a whole.


There are Libel Laws against Defamation of Character for when Free Speech goes too far.


Hate Speech against Women in the form of Rap Music on Black Radio Stations is shaping the Attitudes & Opinions of the Voting Population among Black Voters virtually ensuring they will REFUSE TO VOTE FOR A WOMAN - essentially SLANDERING  an ENTIRE CLASS OF PEOPLE.

What happens when your Deeply-held NEGATIVE beliefs are validated & reinforced as in the Orwellian notion of the "2 Minutes Hate" in the classic novel "1984?"


In "1984"  the "2 Minutes Hate" are daily State-mandated "Pep Rallies" where all Citizens are required to stop what they're doing & gather around a Public "TeleScreen" where they are led in Chants with declarations of Hatred for the Enemy of day."


These daily Hate-Rallies all lead up to "Oceania's" annual Festival called "Hate Week."


When Free Speech crosses into the territory of Hate Speech, we can say that for a FACT that the 1st Amendment has gone too far.



"Since World War II, many nations have passed laws to curb the incitement of racial and religious hatred. These laws started out as protections against the kinds of anti-Semitic bigotry that gave rise to the Holocaust. We call them hate speech laws, but there’s no agreed-upon definition of what hate speech actually is. In general, hate speech is speech that attacks and insults people on the basis of race, religion, ethnic origin and sexual orientation."



Note - I am gonna have a minor objection to this definition in that it specifies "Sexual Orientation."  I think SEX period would also encompass & cover the Gay Community. 


WOMEN are attacked EVERY DAY IN POP CULTURE in Music, in Movies & Broadcast of all kinds.


Defamation of Character in the most basic Definition can be defined as "holding someone out to Public Scorn," with a "Reckless Disregard for the Truth" (Actual Malice) as in this Rap Music Video, "Roses" by "Outkast." 


This is TAME compared to some of the HATEFUL GARBAGE that's out there.

When I see stuff like this & I say that #SexismCostHillaryClintonTheElection this is not an OPINION  of mine, it is a FACT.


Can you imagine listening to this PROPAGANDA in your home all day every day. 


Driving in your car all day every day. 


Poisoning your attitudes. 


Coloring your Opinions about your attitudes about WOMEN, then driving to the Polling Places on Election Day to cast your Vote for President.


Let this thought sink in.




Secretary Clinton is an ATTORNEY.  When she FAILS TO DEFEND HERSELF from being Bullied, it affects ALL WOMEN & I feel an obligation to speak up.


Stuff like this HURTS ALL WOMEN.


#1stAmendment   #HateSpeech   #LibelLaw   #DefamationOfCharacter   #RapMusicIsHateSpeech


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