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Lisa Annette Stanley outside Associated Press Headquarters in Times Square in 2001

Broadcast History of TV & Radio

When we look to the past, it is to improve lives in the present & future.  It should never be for Personal Aggrandizement. It should never be for Personal Glory.

Studying History should be Motivated by the Right Reasons: improving lives.

I spend a lot of time in my Blog discussing the role of the Media in American life - including the Role of Free Speech under the First Amendment, Libel Law, including the question of whether Obscenity is or is not "Protected Speech" (here's a clue: it is NOT) & the need to re-institute the Fairness Doctrine.

So here is my WHY.

Broadcast IS my Family Business.

It is a part of my PERSONAL HISTORY.

Can I tell you I have not benefited one Iota from this fact despite having a Degree in Journalism in my own right?

So this is me standing outside the Time Square Headquarters of the Associated Press in 2001.

And this picture on the right?

This is my Grandmommy's brother - my Uncle Jack Brown who sat on the Board of Directors of the Associated Press in 1976.  Jack Brown is on the far bottom right wearing glasses. 


I knew him.

I loved him.

My Uncle Jack Brown sitting on the Board of Directors of the Associated Press 1976
My Uncle Jack Brown, Owner of WLON Radio, Lincolnton North Carolina, Right side of Picture
Jack Brown at WLTC.jpg

Uncle Jack accomplished much in his life, a fact I wish I would have known before he died.  My family moved an average of every three years & never lived in North Carolina after I was born.

We have lived in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, South Carolina & have been in Houston since 1974.  The most time I ever got to spend with him was when we went back to visit on vacation.

My Uncle Jack had one daughter & from the last I heard I think she's about as broke as I am.

My Uncle Jack Brown and his sister Gertrude outside WLON, Lincolnton, North Carolina

Jack Brown at his first job in Radio prior to starting his own Radio Station in Lincolnton, North Carolina.  Jack Brown was a Broadcast PIONEER at a time when Elvis Presley was King.

Pictured on the right is my Uncle Jack Brown - my Grandmommy's brother with their sister Gertrude outside his Radio Station that he OWNED.

This image I chose for my First Amendment vs Free Speech Page isn't some random image I found on the Internet. 


This is my Mom Brenda Annette Stanley as a Teen-Aged girl. 

This is why I do what I do.

My Mom, Brenda Annette Stanley in about 1957

My Grandmommy Ruth Brown Reep with Her Graduating Class from Nursing School, seated Wearing Glasses

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