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Employee Retention & Team Building


Employee Benefits are a Loyalty Program designed to stabilize YOUR Office from the High Cost of Employee Turn-over from having to

"Hire, Train & Repeat."

  • Hiring new staff members/team members is EXPENSIVE.  It costs thousand of dollars to train these new hires.  Stop the Revolving Door of high turn-over in your office by making your company a happy environment to work in.

  • Free-up your time, your efforts to get on with the business of DOING your business

  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace gives YOU the benefit of a stress-free office with employees that are happy to work for you.


With everything going on in Health Care today, people forget that, historically speaking, getting your Health Insurance at work began as a Loyalty Program & an incentive to choose to work at one company over another - & more importantly to STAY


Offering Employee Benefits is designed to attract & retain high-quality employees to staff your business.  Reducing staff turnover is the whole point in offering things like Health Insurance, Life Insurance, supplements like Hospital Indemnity & Accident Coverage. 


Many business owners also offer 401k Profit Sharing, Vision & Dental - all in the name of Team Building & at great expense to the business' bottom line.


Employee Benefits Counselors


  • Teach employees what benefits are being offered during their Open-Enrollment Period,

  • Guide employees in their decision-making process in picking the best plans for their circumstances,

  • Teach employees how to maximize their healthcare dollars


Employee Benefits Counselors also teach employees about the VALUE of these employee benefits that their employers have invested in them so they understand & appreciate the fact that Employee Benefits ARE additional INCOME. 


So what's in it for the Business Owner if your office has become a Revolving Door of high turnover?


Success Coaching could be the missing piece in the employee satisfaction puzzle that could bring stability to your team & harmony back to your office.

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