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Commercial Insurance as the Middleman. The Case for Government Sponsored Health CARE

GOP Republicans fueled by their Congressional Leadership Fund has a new Attack Ad criticizing Sri Preston Kulkarni who is running for Congress in Sugarland. I gotta believe that this Ad or something similar is being run across the Country to attack Democratic Candidates & to continue the disgraceful quest to overturn ObamaCARE.

Yet the Trumplican march to the Supreme Court to rip Life-Saving ObamaCARE away from us with no plan to replace it continues.

The Attack Ad claims that "Liberal Kulkarni Backs a Socialist Health-Takeover that would Eliminate Private Health Insurance Companies..."

Well, GOOD.

Insurance Company GREED putting Profits over People is what has pushed our Health Care System to the point of collapse.

So, I talk about Philosophy a LOT on my Blog.

I have entire pages dedicated to our Philosophy of HealthCARE & of HealthCARE Funding - from a couple of angles, from a couple of Perspectives.