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Do the Right Thing. No Confirmation Before Inauguration

What do Emotional Intelligence, ETHICS, The Legal System & the Ten Commandments all have in Common?

Doing the Right Thing.

Emotional Intelligence. = Do the Right Thing.

Ethics = Do the Right Thing.

The Legal System = Do The Right Thing.

The 10 Commandments = Do the Right Thing

I've looked at this from every conceivable angle: Education, Ethics, Law & Religion & I'm no "Expert" on any of those things.

What sets me apart from the "Experts?" I ALWAYS "Do the Right Thing"

Even when nobody's looking.

Unlike some Senators who NEVER LISTEN to his Constituents - like Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

I have NEVER Voted for Ted Cruz, not once ever. I've been a Registered Democrat since 2003. But I do have the great misfortune of having him for my "Senatorial Representative."

In fact the bulk of the Volunteering I did for Political Candidates in 2018 was for Beto O'Rourke when he opposed Ted for his Senate Seat.

God we tried, but couldn't get it done.

Senator Cruz is not up for Re-Election this year but he is currently making the "Book-Circuit Tour" landing what I deem to be FREE Political Advertising on all the Major TV Networks.

In an Election Year.

With the very Soul of the Supreme Court at stake.

Ted's Book?

Funny you should ask - it's about the Supreme Court.

And he has the AUDACITY to discuss the filling of the HONORABLE Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg's seat on the Bench that was vacated when she died last month.

So I'm "No Expert" on the Supreme Court.

I am "No Expert" on the Bible.

But I am I AM very familiar with The Book of Ruth.

It's one of the first Books of the Bible I learned.

My Grandmommy Ruth was a devote Southern Baptist

The Book of Ruth is about Doing The Right Thing.

The Book of Judges, on the other hand is about Corruption - even on the part of the quote/unquote "Judges" in that Book of the Bible.

This morning while the