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Positive? Or INFECTED??? Bullies Are Not Positive. October is Bullying Prevention Month

With a Degree in Sociology, I've always been more than a casual observer of the interaction of Individuals in Groups of People.

During the 2016 Presidential Debates, I think there was a novelty aspect to the stunning Train-wreck of the Media Circus that could not look away from the Name-Calling, Personal Attacks & Bullying Tactics of the "Real President" who still screams about "Fake News."

Most people assumed that there was NO WAY that this man would be able to Bully his way onto the Republican Ticket.

He did.

I think most Americans assumed, there is NO WAY that this Bully could manage to "Win" his way into the White House.

He did.

And in stunned disbelief, on January 21, 2017 millions of WOMEN took to the streets in a World-Wide, GLOBAL PEACEFUL PROTEST, the Women's March, to protest the theft of an Election by a man we all consider to be a BULLY.

So many of us were inspired to take additional Action.

WOMEN ran for Elected Office like never be