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Women Are on the March Again to Save RBG's Supreme Court Seat

This morning Houston Women will once again be joining the March to Protest the UNETHICAL Power Grab currently happening in the Senate to steal yet another Seat on the Supreme Court. I had planned on attending in person, but Granny will need to Protest Virtually.

At about the same time I got my Health Insurance License 14 years ago, I broke my ankle. It turned shades of Purple & Black & Blue that I never knew existed.

I was UNINSURED at the time & never got Medical Care for my Ankle so it just had to heal naturally. And naturally, it didn't heal right. So it hurts me all the time.

Added to my Back Pain & Neck Pain & all of my other Granny aches & pains, I would feel crippled in the morning if I joined the walk today. Hence the need for Virtual participation.

There are NO WORDS for how FURIOUSLY LIVID I AM about the prospects of once again being an UNINSURED HEALTH INSURANCE AGENT.

If Senate Republicans manage to ram yet another Supreme Court Justice down the throats of the American People, if the STUNNINGLY DISGRACEFUL California/V/Texas Lawsuit manages to declare ObamaCARE to be Unconstitutional, I will ONCE AGAIN BE AN UNINSURED HEALTH INSURANCE AGENT.

Excuse Me???

Where do ordinary Citizens get Health Insurance like THIS?