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Templates. They're Fun! They're Easy!

And you can do it too, unless some behemoth is trying trying to squash the little guy (me) before I even get started.

This one is thanks to MicroSoft Word.

Net Neutrality & Creative Commons

I would welcome anyone reading this to try it from your home computer.

Go to MicroSoft Word & click on New Document & there they are. Plug & Play Templates free to customize by anyone who wants to use them.

There are at least a DOZEN Internet-based businesses that teach people like me how to do this. There must be hundreds more that I haven't stumbled upon. I wonder how they feel about Net Neutrality?

Hence the battle for Net Neutrality & Creative Commons.

I very carefully check all of my sources before I say or publish ANYTHING, yet on July 4th during the fireworks display, KTRK Channel 13 here in Houston posted a Facebook post about Elon Musk being sued over UNICORN FARTS, & casting doubt by implication of what I am doing here.

The same First Amendment Right that grants Freedom of the Press also grants me the Right to respond to what they are IMPLYING.

1. I am NOT Elon Musk. He is a MAN. I am a WOMAN.

2. Gee, I'm very sorry if he is being sued, but that is HIS problem, not mine.

3. NOBODY has approached me with objections over what I'm I'm doing & should anyone step forward, I will take it down & that will be that.

4. There is a word for when WITNESSES LIE: that word is PERJURY.

Channel 13 holds themselves out to be witnesses, yet we have seen in the Russia Investigati