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June 27th. Your Self-Fulfilling Prophesy

The BET Awards honoring achievements of Black Artists in Music, TV & Movies is tonight June 28th on the BET Network https://www.bet.com/shows/bet-awards.html Normally, I would take the day off & not post anything on the 28th of any month, but this falls under the category "If you See Something, Say Something." In the National Conversation respecting Race Relations it is necessary for each & every person to do their part. Yesterday just before I logged out & turned off my computer, I saw this on Social Media: Lyrics Excerpt from DJ Screw's June 27th: [Intro: Big Moe] That nigga Big Ass Moe Chilling with my partner named D-Mo It's on his birthday we coming through In a nigga's trunk is a n

Happy Juneteenth. Rest in Peace Mary Boer <3

Juneteenth is the annual Celebration of word reaching Galveston, Texas that two years earlier President Abraham Lincoln had signed the Emancipation Proclamation & all slaves were now free. This Juneteenth, I won't be online very much. I will be joining the celebration of the life of my Mother-In-Law, Mary Boer, the artist who painted this painting. Mary died on June 12 after a lengthy stay in Hospice Care with Alzheimer's Disease. Mary Boer was a prolific painter. All of us have several of her paintings in our homes. My Daughter has this one. I couldn't think of a more fitting tribute for this Day to honor my children's Grandmother who is being buried this morning & this important Texas Ho


UPDATE. It's gonna be a bit quiet around here for a while as I'm currently in my Life & Health Insurance Re-Certification period for 2021. Every two years, Insurance Agents must do Continuing Education & Re-Certification to keep current on changing Legislation that affects Insurance Policies. While it is highly unlikely that I will ever choose to sell Insurance Policies due to my long-standing belief that Insurance Companies are Pure Evil, & being a big proponent of Socialized Medicine, I do intend to to keep my License current for any number of reasons. I look forward to it every two years - not. It's not fun. It is mind-numbingly boring & time consuming. I would much prefer to be creating

Bush 41 Points of Light & the Clinton Foundation. Happy Birthday George H.W. Bush

Repost. Honesty, Integrity and ETHICS used to mean something in American Politics. Yesterday on June 12, 2019, on what would have been Bush 41's 95th Birthday, the Bush 41 Presidential Library threw him a Birthday Party fit for a much loved & RESPECTED Leader. The 2016 Presidential Elections were such a stunning disgrace, with BULLYING front & center on the National Stage, I was inspired to do something about it. "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office" is a Socio-Political EBook with commentary & analysis on the lack of Civility & ETHICS in this country. Turning a blind eye to the disgracefully bad behavior of a VERIFIABLE pathological liar & a bully

HollyWeird & the Inexplicable Rise of Donald Trump

UPDATE. Great Leaders are unifying, not divisive. Even when philosophical differences exist, Politics should not be so divisive that it pits people against each other. Our country is the UNITED States, not the Divided States of America, yet the divisions caused by the #ApprenticePresident could not be more obvious. ​ This begs the Question "Is it time to Elect our 1st Female President?" While 2020 did have an impressive Roster of extremely-well-qualified Female Presidential hopefuls, sadly the best we can hope for this year is our first-ever Female Vice President. Who will Joe Biden pick? Amy Klobuchar? Gretchen Whitmire? Kamala Harris? I don't know the answer, but I'm sure eager to see.

Emotional Intelligence Equals Equality

Racism. Sexism. Antisemitism. Islamophobia. Xenophobia. Homophobia. Transphobia. Misogyny. All are forms of PREJUDICE. Prejudice is the Phenomenon & Discrimination is the Manifestation of Prejudice. Emotional Intelligence is the Solution. It is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to BULLY others when you live your life with Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is not about walking around sobbing & crying - although I haven't been able to stop crying since the biggest BULLY on the Planet managed to steal the Election from Hillary Clinton in 2016. This was, however, my #1 main motivating factor to get me out of my comfort zone & open this Web Page. So what is Emotional Intelligence? Emotional Inte

Slander of a Female Police Woman on Channel 13

Libel Law is a requirement for a Degree in Journalism. While I am not an Attorney, I do have a degree in Journalism & have studied LIBEL LAW. Channel 13 just had the NERVE to render a Female Police Officer who was involved in a Local Police Brutality Case several years ago UNEMPLOYABLE on the very day that George Floyd is being laid to rest here. Excessive Force, Abuse of Power & Police Brutality are the topic of discussion & ABC's Local Channel 13 had to dig deep to dredge up this story SPECIFICALLY ABOUT A FEMALE COP. Why? Because they are SEXIST. I have provided a Google Search to this Police-Involved Brutality Case if anyone care to read the details. Google Search Houston Police Brutali

Caring at Time of Death. Rest in Peace George Floyd

UPDATE. George Floyd will be laid to rest beside his Mother at Houston Memorial Gardens today. His death will not be in vain, but will bring about much needed change here in Houston, across the Country & in the World. Everyone is so hopeful that this will bring about long-over due change. Yesterday our Republican Governor did what a decent Leader of any Party does at a time like this. He came to Houston to meet with the Family of George Floyd. Below are some thoughts I had previously written on the subject of Leadership in time of Tragedy. Related Post Slander-of-a-Female-Police-Woman-on-Channel-13 **************************************************** Gun Violence and Domestic Terrorism has

Equality Equals Peaceful Coexistence. Rest In Peace George Floyd

UPDATE. As Houston prepares to pay our finals respects to George Floyd & our hurting Nation tries to heal, everyone should strive for Peaceful Co-Existence. The individual Officers who murdered George Floyd acted as "Judge, Jury & Executioner" in effect handing out the Death Penalty over a $20 dollar bill. To say that not all of the Protests have been Peaceful is the understatement of the year. Would you be surprised to learn that this is the exact same thing Women had to face just to gain the Right to Vote under 19th Amendment? It is the same. And why is is important to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment THIS YEAR, in 2020 to honor the 100th Birthday of gaining our Right to Vote. Rest in Pe

This is What It Sounds Like When Doves Cry. Happy Birthday Prince

3:45 Central Standard Time. It's still Raining Purple as the marches for Black Lives Matter in the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor & others continue in Minneapolis, Hometown of Prince, & in Cities across the Country. In the National Conversation on healing Race Relations, Prince led the way through his artistry: bridging both the Gender & Racial Divide. In honor of Prince for his Birthday, I thought I would re-visit Purple Rain - which happens to be in my "Facebook Memories" for today. (I had to do a Screenshot of my Personal Memories Page so I could share across other Social Media Platforms.) In his movie Purple Rain he addresses how hard it is to be a Bi-Racial couple & also the is


PEOPLE are INDIVIDUALS. PEOPLE are INDIVIDUALS. PEOPLE are INDIVIDUALS. PEOPLE are INDIVIDUALS. I can't say it enough. BROADCASTERS are a HUGE part of the problem feeding the DELUSIONS OF MILLIONS OF INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE. So I have a new "Political Frenemy" who keeps taking pot shots at me because she thinks her father is Joe Biden. I would delete her as a friend, but I gotta see what stupid shit she keeps posting BECAUSE OF A NAME. This is a person I know offline that I met during the 2018 Mid-Term Elections. Yesterday Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska was due to speak on Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. I tuned in on Congressional/Senatorial TV, not because I delusionally

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: How Houstonians do Peaceful Protests

UPDATE. Everything I've been doing on Revolving Door HR since August 26, 2917 the first day I went online is created to address these Peaceful Protests versus Street Rioting. From the Beginning. Trying to help. And here we are again in the year 2020. All I can do is shake my head. **************************************************************************** On inauguration Day, January 20, 2017, millions of women took to the streets in STUNNED DISBELIEF of what had just happened in a Peaceful Protest of what we believe to be a stolen Election. How could this happen??? Everything about the 2016 Elections from conspiracy from a hostile foreign government, to propaganda being bought by Russian

Vote Like Your Life Depends on it. Because It Does

Say, I Will VOTE. In every Election. Every Time. Vote like your Life depends on it. Because it does. Do not sit this one out. https://www.texastribune.org/2016/11/09/heres-where-texas-voters-turned-out-and-where-they/ Every Vote COUNTS Related Posts

2020 is the Centennial Anniversary of Women's Right to Vote Under The 19th Amendment.

UPDATE. On June 4th 1919 the Senate passed the 19th Amendment previously passed by Congress on May 21st of the same year - finally granting Women the Right to Vote. It took another year & a half to to be Ratified as the Law of the Land by the Secretary of State on August 26, 1920. 2020 is a Presidential Election year. It is also the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment that granted Voting Rights for Women. Historically speaking, the struggle to gain this fundamental right was long & hard. Making sure that every American has the right to have their voice heard in the form of Voting for the Candidate for Elected Office of their choice is heard is critical for free & fair Elections. We V

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