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Slandering WOMEN as a Class of People on the RAT Channel. Election 2020 Halloween Edition

Women need Ratification of the #EqualRightsAmendment to protect us from Hate Speech & Bullying of all kinds when we turn on the TV. On October 24th this morning "Good" Morning America Saturday, the Rat Channel on ABC decided to attack Women in the most offensive way possible for their Halloween "Trick or Treating." Let's start here with Today's Date: 10/24/2020 Numbers Matter. How Long Has This Been Going On? Then they continued on with a foray into the Animal Kingdom in the most SEXIST, MISOGYNISTIC & Infuriating way possible. Murder Hornets. Did they just call WOMEN Whores??? How do you even begin to unpack everything that is WRONG about that??? The ABC RATS just SLANDERED every Woman in

The Apprentice President. Stop Playing Games With ObamaCARE. Election 2020

As a Health Insurance Agent of 14 years in good standing, who is Duty-Bound by #ETHICS, I could not be more furious about the #ApprenticePresident's repeated & ongoing efforts to Repeal ObamaCARE with No Plan for Replacement. The Nation's HealthCARE is NOT a Game. 2015 was the last year I Enrolled Insurance for ANY Insurance Company - by choice - MY CHOICE - due to my distress & INFURIATION over the "Quote/Unquote" Spring Training I received at the Regional Corporate Office of one of my Major Medical Health Insurance Companies the following year in 2016: HollyWeird-the-Inexplicable-Rise-of-Donald-Trump This Sham of a Training was SO #UNETHICAL & quite frankly No Training at all that I didn't

Bullying Prevention Month. Vote Like Our Nation Depends On It. Election 2020

Present Traumatic Stress, or CTS, is becoming a real phenomenon as a result of the daily viscous verbal assaults from the Bully-In-Chief Donald Trump. If you experience a Cringe-Reflex at the Sound of his Voice. If you instinctively reach for the Remote Control to hit the Mute Button or Change the Channel when he makes the News. If you find yourself shouting back at the TV any time he is on, you may be experiencing Present Traumatic Stress caused by Continuous Traumatic Situations. So, I've been long-term Fed-up with the viciousness & Lack of Civility on TV & believe that the Revocation of the Fairness Doctrine has a lot to do with It. I've never watched Soap Operas or Dramas & am no Sports

Women Are on the March Again to Save RBG's Supreme Court Seat

This morning Houston Women will once again be joining the March to Protest the UNETHICAL Power Grab currently happening in the Senate to steal yet another Seat on the Supreme Court. I had planned on attending in person, but Granny will need to Protest Virtually. At about the same time I got my Health Insurance License 14 years ago, I broke my ankle. It turned shades of Purple & Black & Blue that I never knew existed. I was UNINSURED at the time & never got Medical Care for my Ankle so it just had to heal naturally. And naturally, it didn't heal right. So it hurts me all the time. Added to my Back Pain & Neck Pain & all of my other Granny aches & pains, I would feel crippled in the morning

Respect. Bleeping Profanity at the Grammy Awards

UPDATE. Radio IS my Family Business, a FACT that I have not benefitted from one IOATA. Yesterday, 10/14/2020 was the Billboard Music Awards. Once again, I didn't watch. What I did watch - quite a bit of but not all - was the Televised Confirmation Hearing for the #ApprenticePresident's Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett that's been on every day this week. Then I Voted. Voting based on Name Recognition is THE WORST REASON TO VOTE FOR ANYONE. It's how we wound up with a CARTOON CHARACTER for a President. This is 100% of my premise in "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office." For all 3 people who have bought my Book, I Thank You. The Revised Editi

Abortion Care IS Health CARE. Why We NEED Separation of Church & State

Texas has the dubious distinction in leading the Nation in attacks on Health CARE of all kinds, including Women's access to Abortions, most recently banning all Abortions as "Non-Essential Services" during the Covid-19 Crisis. The Bible Belt States, led by Texas, Ohio & Alabama, have been on a Mission to over-turn Roe/VS/Wade from the beginning of the Trump Administration. https://reason.com/2020/04/13/abortion-providers-plead-with-supreme-court-to-allow-abortion-pills-in-texas/ Beginning with their "Supreme Court-Packing Power-Grabbing Refusal" to give a Confirmation Hearing to outgoing President Barack Obama's Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland, "Conservative Republicans/Christian Conse

Call the Senate to Save Ruth Bader-Ginsberg's Supreme Court Seat. ObamaCARE is on the Line

UPDATE. Priorities. Clearly the Trumplican-led Senate does not make the American PEOPLE their PRIORITY. They should be working on a Covid-19 Relief Bill, like the HEROES ACT for the American people. Instead, that much-needed help is sitting in a pile on Mitch McConnell's desk while the Senate is ramming through the Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing for Amy Coney Barrett. Social Responsibility Amid Covid-19 Read More Below. #SupremeCourt #AmyConeyBarrett #NoConfirmationUntilInauguration #RuthBaderGinsburg #WomensHealthCare #ObamaCARE #SeparationOfChurchAndState #EqualRightsAmendment #Election2020 #VoteBlue ****************************** The disgraceful Trumplican Power-Grab for control of

Do the Right Thing. No Confirmation Before Inauguration

What do Emotional Intelligence, ETHICS, The Legal System & the Ten Commandments all have in Common? Doing the Right Thing. Emotional Intelligence. = Do the Right Thing. Ethics = Do the Right Thing. The Legal System = Do The Right Thing. The 10 Commandments = Do the Right Thing I've looked at this from every conceivable angle: Education, Ethics, Law & Religion & I'm no "Expert" on any of those things. What sets me apart from the "Experts?" I ALWAYS "Do the Right Thing" Even when nobody's looking. Unlike some Senators who NEVER LISTEN to his Constituents - like Texas Senator Ted Cruz. I have NEVER Voted for Ted Cruz, not once ever. I've been a Registered Democrat since 2003. But I do have t

HIPAA Privacy Rule & Highly Contagious Communicable Diseases

UPDATE. Below is a personal story about what I experienced with a very close personal friend during the HIV/AIDS scare in the early 1990s. Back then, nobody knew that you would literally need to be bending-over backwards trying to become infected. The Disease was so new that nothing was known about Transmission Methods or how people became Infected. All we knew is that people were Dying from it. Now we know that HIV/Aids is very Treatable & that people DO survive. Covid-19 is very different. It is HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS through Casual Contact of merely breathing the same air as an INFECTED person. The Correlation Between HIV/AIDS and Covid19 beg some important ETHICAL questions between Privac

Positive? Or INFECTED??? Bullies Are Not Positive. October is Bullying Prevention Month

With a Degree in Sociology, I've always been more than a casual observer of the interaction of Individuals in Groups of People. During the 2016 Presidential Debates, I think there was a novelty aspect to the stunning Train-wreck of the Media Circus that could not look away from the Name-Calling, Personal Attacks & Bullying Tactics of the "Real President" who still screams about "Fake News." Most people assumed that there was NO WAY that this man would be able to Bully his way onto the Republican Ticket. He did. I think most Americans assumed, there is NO WAY that this Bully could manage to "Win" his way into the White House. He did. And in stunned disbelief, on January 21, 2017 millions of

Commercial Insurance as the Middleman. The Case for Government Sponsored Health CARE

GOP Republicans fueled by their Congressional Leadership Fund has a new Attack Ad criticizing Sri Preston Kulkarni who is running for Congress in Sugarland. I gotta believe that this Ad or something similar is being run across the Country to attack Democratic Candidates & to continue the disgraceful quest to overturn ObamaCARE. Yet the Trumplican march to the Supreme Court to rip Life-Saving ObamaCARE away from us with no plan to replace it continues. The Attack Ad claims that "Liberal Kulkarni Backs a Socialist Health-Takeover that would Eliminate Private Health Insurance Companies..." Well, GOOD. Insurance Company GREED putting Profits over People is what has pushed our Health Care Syste

Pray 4 the ERA. Candlelight Virtual Vigil for the 28th Amendment

Please join Equal Means Equal & Feminist Activists from across the Country this evening for a Virtual Candlelight Vigil before tomorrow morning's decision by the US Supreme Court if & when they will hear their Case to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment into the Constitution. https://equalmeansequal.org/pray4era/ The Equal Rights Amendment written by Alice Paul in 1923 has been winding it's way through the State Legislatures for all these years working towards the Magic Number of 38 State Ratifications to be formally written into Law as the 28th Amendment. It is profoundly sad that so many of our Women's Rights Activist Pioneers didn't live to see Ratification of this important Legislation bec

Vice Presidential Debate. Election 2020

Women's Equality is on the Ballot. Women's Health Care is on the Ballot. The Supreme Court is on the Ballot. ObamaCARE is on the Ballot. The NRA is on the Ballot. Abortion is on the Ballot. Common human DECENCY is on the Ballot. Tonight is the Second Debate of the 2020 Presidential Election Season, with Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris going head to head with the current Vice President, Mike Pence. After yet another week of stunningly exhausting events following the catastrophic Presidential Debate & Subsequent Covid-19 Infections of the current "President" & half of his inner circle, Pence - thankfully - has agreed to plexiglass Covid19 dividers between himself & Harris. Normally I

Covid19 Social Responsibility. Drop the ACA Suit & Pass the Heroes Act.

HealthCARE is my Livelihood. With the News that President PineSol is now Hospitalized with Covid19 it is extremely hard to bite my tongue & be nice. I am actually furiously LIVID at the unnecessary loss of more than 200,000 American Lives due to his BUNGLING of the Pandemic. Social Responsibility Amid Covid-19 Trump & several of his Staff, Political Appointees & other Members of the Trumplican Leadership in the Party of Trump have also been INFECTED with this Highly Contagious, Communicable DEADLY DISEASE known as Covid-19: Personal Assistant Hope Hicks Senator Mike Lee Senator Thom Tillis Trump Campaign Manager Bill Stepiens Senator Ron Johnson Former White House Spokesperson Kelly Anne C

Trump INFECTED. Covid19 IS a PreExisting Condition. Drop the ACA Suit.

UPDATE. INFECTED. Days after the first Presidential Debate of Election 2020, "President" Trump has been INFECTED with COVID-19 & Hospitalized at Walter Reed Naval Hospital. While we never want to wish ill on anyone else, it's really hard not to feel like he got what he deserved. It is unclear exactly when, where or how he got Infected, but honestly it's surprising that it took this long. Social Responsibility Amid Covid-19 Initial reporting indicated that he may have been Infected due to his close Advisor Hope Hick's Covid-19 Diagnosis Thursday morning. Perhaps it was at any one of his countless Rallies where he MOCKED the "China Virus," MOCKED Face Masks, & claimed that "the End was in S

Dead Sea Scrolls: EVIDENCE of Censorship of the Bible.

I've been intending to put this in a free-standing piece for a while now. With everything going on in American Politics these days including the power-struggle for control of the Supreme Court in an UNETHICAL RUSH to fill Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg's vacant seat, it provides a fresh new perspective on Biblical Teachings. What if what we've been taught has been wrong all along? Evidence that several books of the Bible were edited out were discovered in 1947:  The Dead Sea Scrolls.  I saw this exhibit for myself at the Houston Museum of Natural Science when it was here.  I am only just now beginning to understand what I saw with my own two eyes in 2005. The Ancient lies began from the beginn

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