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1st Amendment, Censorship, Free Speech & the History of the Bleep Button

All Laws exist when people cannot or will not Self-Govern, Self-Police or Self-Censor themselves when they speak. Americans are guaranteed Free Speech under the 1st Amendment but I truly do believe that Free Speech has gone entirely too far. PEOPLE feel empowered & enabled to say anything anywhere at anytime they want with out regard for the consequences of their words. This has everything to do with the unfettered lack of civility that is rampant in Society. Just read some of the viscous comments & things people say on Social Media. It's awful. In this country, electronic communications of all kinds are Governed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC.) Whether Music, Movies or TV,

Respect. Bleeping Profanity at the Grammy Awards

Healing a Nation in pain begins with honest conversations. Last year in 2019, CBS This Morning with Gail King & Nora O'Donnell had a story about "Toxic Masculinity." This resonated with me so much that I directly Emailed Ted Bunch about his "Call to Men" Campaign he developed, sponsored by Gillette. I'm sure he receives thousands of Emails daily & I never heard back. I liked the idea of partnering with someone who is different from me for any number of reasons including, validity, credibility & co-operation. Ted Bunch A Call to Men. Toxic Masculinity on CBS This Morning I can't remember when I stopped watching Award Shows of ANY KIND - The Grammys, The Billboard Music Awards, the MTV Music

Yes I'd Like to Thank the Academy Chapter 12 Preview. Deescalation Training: Dispute Resolution

UPDATE. Peaceful Protests should not turn Violent. When a Crime is committed that does NOT legitimize committing additional Crimes. Minneapolis is burning. St Paul is burning. Protesters took to the streets in Denver, Colorado; New York City; Memphis, Tennessee; Phoenix, Arizona; Columbus, Ohio & Louisville, Kentucky where 7 people were shot & killed at the Protest. There are reasons we have LAWS in this Country: Dispute Resolution. When people cannot or will not PEACEFULLY RESOLVE DISPUTES we have LAWS that settle those disputes in the Justice System. These out-of-control public displays of RAGE go far beyond the need for ANGER MANAGEMENT in this country. This does NOTHING to punish & bri

2001 A Space Odyssey. Fixing the Hal 9000

UPDATE. The ISS will be welcoming Astronauts Doug Hurley & Robert Behnken aboard the International Space Station when Space-X launches the first Commercial Space Launch in almost 10 years Houstonians are sure to be watching this iconic piece of History in the making along with the rest of the country. I was leaning toward not posting anything official in the Blog today as I'm still doing Tech Support o n my Social Media Platforms (my PC is fixed but my Web Page still has issues), but decided this occasion was too momentous to ignore. Living in Space City since 1974, so much of Houston's economy revolves around all things Spacey. Here I am below at Ellington Field at the return of one of the

Thank You for Your Service to Our Country. Memorial Day 2020

Memorial Day remembrances will be very different this year amid all of the Social Distancing, Mask-Wearing & Staying Home to Save Lives during the Global Covid-19 Health Crisis. Recognized on the last Monday of the year, Memorial Day Observances are a time for Americans to reflect on the lives of our Service Members who gave the ultimate sacrifice. This year, we also remember the Health Care Heroes on the front lines of the new war on the Public Health from an unseen enemy: the Virus that causes Covid-19. Most Official Memorial Day Observances are closed to the Public this year due to Public Health Safety efforts to contain the spread of Covid-19. With the Death Toll of Americans who have di

Thanking Our Brave Service Women for Their Ultimate Sacrifice on Memorial Day

Memorial Day remembrances will be very different this year amid all of the Social Distancing, Mask-Wearing & Staying Home to Save Lives during the Global Covid-19 Health Crisis. Recognized on the last Monday of the year, Memorial Day Observances are a time for Americans to reflect on the lives of our Service Members who gave the ultimate sacrifice. This year, we also remember the Health Care Heroes on the front lines of the new war on the Public Health from an unseen enemy: the Virus that causes Covid-19. We can each as Individuals use this time for quiet reflection for what this day means to us. I've been having some Technical Difficulties with this page this morning, so I may update this

COBRA, HIPAA & Continuation of Health CARE Coverage

Americans have long had Federal protection from risk of being Uninsured through loss of Employment. Both COBRA & HIPAA allow Employees to KEEP their Employer-Sponsored Health Plan at a higher cost. Why is it at a higher cost for the same Coverage? With Employee Benefits through Employer-Sponsored Health Plans, the Company pays a portion of your Health Insurance Premiums. When Coverage ends & the Individual elects to keep their Coverage they must pay BOTH the Employee portion AND the Employer Portion of the Monthly Premium, making Coverage Available but not necessarily Affordable. Special Election Periods have always been available in this instance, Insurance Companies can & do sell policies

Misogyny is a Problem in America. Buy a Book that Actually Helps. On Sale Now

While everyone is Voluntarily Sheltering in Place, now would be a good time to learn something. Buy a Book that actually helps. EBooks are a particularly good choice at a time of Social Distancing. Enjoy Germ-Free Digital Downloads from the comfort of your own home. "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office" is a multi-dimensional look at the Sociological effects of Broadcast in Communications, in Politics, in Health Care & in the daily lives of all of us. Bullying has become a Global EPIDEMIC. This has got to stop Itching. Scratching. Sniffling. Coughing. All are forms of Non-Verbal Communication. How are WOMEN Responsible for this??? We're not. It's

PreExisting Conditions. Putting the CARING Back In Health CARE

UPDATE Originally posted October 11, 2018. After fighting tooth & nail, vowing to "Repeal & Replace ObamaCARE" for YEARS, Texas Senator John Cornyn appears to have FINALLY figured out that ObamaCARE Saves Lives. Urging Texans to sign-up for ObamaCARE amid the Covid-19 Crisis, there's one fly in the ointment he seems to have forgotten about. We are outside the Open Enrollment Period. Millions of Americans who lost their jobs due to Nation-wide, State-wide, City-wide Executive Orders for people to Stay Home likely also lost the Employer-Sponsored Health Plans & are now Uninsured. When asked earlier this year if he would issue an Executive Order granting a Special Election Period for ObamaCAR

The Federal Budget 2021. Massive Untapped Source of Tax Revenue: Churches Should Pay Taxes

On February 20, the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released the Fiscal Year 2021 Federal Budget to the Public. First & foremost, Democrats are going to turn out the VOTE in Election 2020. This newly-released Federal Budget won't be implemented when we turn the White House Blue & have a Democrat back in Office. That having been said, here is the Current Administration's 2021 Federal Budget. If you're like me, you haven't had time to read it yet either. But here it is just the same: https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/budget_fy21.pdf The OMB has also released it's Analysis of what they call "Major Savings & Reforms." Being a Licensed Health Insurance Agen

Happy Birthday Florence Nightingale. International Nurse's Day

Thank You Health Care Professionals who are the front lines of protecting the Public Health. With Health care being in the forefront of EVERYONE'S mind, I thought this would be a good time to have a look at some of the contributions of Women in Medicine, beginning with Florence Nightingale the "Mother of Modern Nursing." Florence_Nightingale Since January of 1974. May 12 has been recognized as International Nurse's Day in honor of Florence Nightingale's Birthday. Nurses are the life-blood of the Medical Community. We thank you for putting your Health at risk now more than ever with the entire world in shock over the Covid-19 Crisis we're living through. We are happy to do our part to help c

Equality Knows No Religion. Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment NOW

Yesterday was Mother's Day in the US. Americans from all walks of life took time out to honor their Moms they love. Maternal Love is Universal. It knows no Religion, or Gender or Race or Politics. Maternal Love is not Prejudicial: it does not Discriminate. Maternal Love is Unconditional. Why? People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals. I can't say it enough. Yet an Inconvenient TRUTH about the 2016 Election is that Gender Discrimination kept thousands, maybe even millions of Americans home from the Polls. They did not vote. Why??? They refused to vote for a Female President: Gender Discrimination. When I say #SexismCostHillaryClintonTheElection it is not an Opin

Happy Mother's Day, Yes, Even in a Crisis

All of us were brought into this world by our Moms. I'm a little late posting this morning as I've had tears of Joy streaming down my face for the past hour. My youngest Baby Bird who is now a young man in his own right surprised me with an Early Morning Mother's Day phone call from his new home in Georgia. During the Covid-19 Crisis we're all living through, so many of our Family Traditions have been altered by Social Distancing. From Easter, to Passover to Ramadan, all of us have had to alter our ways of Life so we can SAVE LIVES. My Daughter who is now a Mom herself is nesting with her 3 little ones outside the Bird Sanctuary near Lake Livingston. We love our Mom's & Mother's Day is a D

L.I.S. Medicare Low Income Subsidy. ObamaCARE Did the Same for the Rest of Us

STUNNING that in the middle of the #Covid19 GLOBAL HEALTH CRISIS, #PresidentPineSol is still vowing to "Repeal & Replace ObamaCARE." If this doesn't scream #UNFITFOROFFICE I don't know what does. The Curve of new Covid-19 Infections has NOT been flattened. The Death Toll continues to rise. Our Testing Numbers are still below the threshold for scientific validity despite the best efforts of Government Officials to provide Free Covid-19 Tests across the City & County. This is the time people need MORE Coverage, not LESS. The Affordable CARE Act, affectionately known as ObamaCARE has been under attack since the current Administration took office. Signed into law in 2003 by George W. Bush, the

Happy National Nurses Day. And Happy Cinco De Ramadan. ObamaCARE SAVES Lives

UPDATE. Happy Cinco De Ramadan??? Sound ridiculous? It is. And with what is going on in this country with the systemic dismantling of ObamaCARE over WORDS & LANGUAGE, I am about to burst a blood vessel trying to help in any way I can. State-of-the-Union-When-We-Cut-Off-Our-Nose-to-Spite-Our-Face On this National Nurses Day with the current Administration's rush to Reopen the Economy before Treatments & a Cure for Covid-19, or as some call it the Corona Virus, people need to remember WHY we practice Social Distancing, WHY we wear Face Masks & WHY it is too soon to get back to Life as we knew it. I refuse to call it "Normal" or the "New Normal" because what's been going on since the 2016

Happy Cinco de Mayo???

10:34am Central Standard Time. This is what I shared from Facebook Memories on my personal Facebook Page this morning from 7 Years Ago. People are INDIVIDUALS. I have a long history of trying to help myself by helping others. I go there. To HELP. When PEOPLE blame others for the Language they speak, they are RACING. Anyone can be racist. Some languages, including Spanish, have Male/Female Pronouns. Why do some people INSIST on trying to fix racism on the backs of women??? WOMEN are NOT to blame for the English Language. Quick show of hands: How many people VOTED for Hillary Clinton??? WHY OR WHY NOT??? That's what I thought. Learn to treat PEOPLE as INDIVIDUALS any day of the year. Below is

Pregnancy as a Disability. Sexism in the Health CARE Industry

Being a Feminist with an interest in Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment and with May being #DisabilityAwarenessMonth, I thought I would discuss the long-standing Misogynistic SEXISM in Health CARE and in society as a whole. On this May 4th, in advance of Mother's Day, I thought I'd take a look at the myriad reasons WHY Women NEED Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment beginning with the start of Motherhood in Pregnancy. https://www.livescience.com/22037-pink-girls-blue-boys.html All of Health Insurance is geared towards Risk Management. What if I get sick? What if I get hurt? Who is gonna pay my Medical Bills? What happens to my Pay Check if I can't go back to work? In the In

"Taking the Dis Out of Disability with Emotional Intelligence." Because Every Life is a

UPDATE. Texas was one of the first States to re-open for Business during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The World is still scrambling for Cures & Treatments meaning those Individuals who do venture out into the Public, do so at tremendous personal risk & potentially also putting others at risk of contracting this Highly Contagious Communicable Deadly Disease. Recent Public Protests at State Capitols, including here in Austin point to the need for Sensitivity Training, Mindfulness & Social Responsibility: Emotional Intelligence. Rights come with TREMENDOUS RESPONSIBILITIES Bullying simply could not exist with Emotional Intelligence. Demanding your "Rights" at gun-point is BULLYING ON STEROIDS. Even

May is Disability Awareness Month

As a Health & Life Insurance Agent of more than 13 years now, I speak a lot in terms of Philosophy of Health Care Funding. This is a strategy I developed for myself as I sat One-On-One with Employees of Companies whose' Employee Benefits I was Enrolling. With Health Insurance being as contentious as it has been for YEARS now & with the National fight over ObamaCARE both coming & going, it was a vehicle for Self-Preservation in getting people to Tell ME what they Care about - not me as an Insurance Agent selling THEM what I wanted them to buy. It is their personal Philosophy of what THEY want & need in terms of Insurance Coverage. What is their primary concern - Cost or Coverage? Nobody wa

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