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Un-Christian-like Behavior at Presidential Debate. Election 2020

The UNETHICAL, disgraceful Neandertal-smack down at the first Presidential Debate witnessed Trump attacking Biden - & even Veteran News Anchor Chris Wallace - from the get-go & never let up. There is so much HYPOCRISY in Society today, starting with the so-called "Christian Conservatives" turning a Blind-eye on the BULLYING Behavior of a man who is UNFIT FOR OFFICE. With the Nomination & probable Confirmation of yet another "Christian Conservative," to the Supreme Court, a Catholic Woman, with the complete & total lack of ETHICS in the Senate there's probably not much we Democrats can do to stop them. Is THIS what Jesus Would Do? Lie, Cheat & Steal to "win" at all costs??? To condone the Jaw

Covid19 IS a PreExisting Condition. Drop the ACA Suit. Election 2020

The first Presidential Debate of the 2020 Election is tonight. There is no doubt that Trump will continue his Bullying Behavior of personal attacks against his Opponent, Joe Biden rather than stick to the Facts. If the Fake President who holds himself out to be the "Real Donald Trump" were as quick to act on the Public Health Crisis that is Covid-19 as he is in his UNETHICAL RUSH to fill Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's vacant seat on the Supreme Court, 200,000 American Lives could have been saved. unfit-for-office-covid19-disinfectant-remarks-proof-the-25th-amendment-should-have-been-enough For those who have Tested Positive for Covid19 but have Recovered, they will always have

Trump's UNETHICAL Attack on Women's HealthCARE Continues

Gender neither Qualifies nor Disqualifies an Individual for Lifetime Appointment for a Seat on the Highest Court in our land: the Supreme Court. Yesterday's Nomination of "Conservative Christian" Appellate Judge Amy Coney Barrett from the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals is a slap in the face to the Legacy of the Honorable Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg. Barrett, a Protégé' of the late Justice Antonin Scalia, while Duty-Bound to fairly decide Cases before the Court WITHOUT BIAS, will likely Undo much of the Legislation the Ginsburg fought for her entire career. Now the Trumplicans can parade her out in the Court of Public Opinion saying, "Look we Nominated a WOMAN." Yeah, a Woman with

RBG on Scalia-Ginsburg. Honor Her Seat

Within hours of the News that the Honorable Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg had died, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell & the Trumplicans announced their intent to steal another seat on the Supreme Court, formally announcing their Nominee later this Morning. The stunning lack of ETHICS & HYPOCRISY of the last three & a half years, while not surprising given their track record is none-the-less DISGRACEFUL. honor-rbg-no-confirmation-until-inauguration While her words don't speak to filling a vacant seat upon the Death of one of the 9 Justices, it speaks to common decency, ETHICS & Cooperation with those that are different from us. Diametrically-opposed to each other's interpreta

Honoring the Life of Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg at the Capitol

God Bless the Honorable Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg. Today we Mourn. Tomorrow we act. Related Posts supreme-justice-ruth-bader-ginsberg-to-receive-the-national-constitution-center-s-liberty-medal vote-for-a-president-that-takes-covid19-seriously-biden-2020 let-s-honor-the-memory-of-ruth-bader-ginsberg-by-ratifying-the-equal-rights-amendment ethics-are-on-the-ballot-this-year-what-would-rbg-do call-the-senate-to-save-ruth-bader-ginsberg-s-supreme-court-seat-obamacare-is-on-the-line mourning-the-honorable-justice-ruth-bader-ginsburg honor-rbg-no-confirmation-until-inauguration Get “Yes, I’d Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office” $7 Digital Download

The Intersection Between Deeply-Held Religious Beliefs, Gender & Politics. What Would RBG Do

ENCORE PRESENTATION. With the 2020 Presidential Primary Season well underway, I thought it was important to get this page published even while it is still under construction to point out the myriad reasons WHY it is time for a Constitutional Amendment granting Separation of Church & State. This morning, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg will be honored at the State Capitol in the final Public Viewing before she is laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery. In an UNETHICAL rush to fill her vacated seat on the Supreme Court, Republicans are poised to name a replacement as early as tomorrow. ethics-are-on-the-ballot-this-year-what-would-rbg-do ****************************************

HONOR RBG. No Confirmation Until Inauguration

The UNETHICAL Power-Grab for Control of the Supreme Court by the Bully President has been the goal all along. It is how the Bully-In-Chief stole the Election from Hillary Clinton in 2016 & it is WHY the Trumplican Party turns a blind eye towards the behavior of a man who is UNFIT FOR OFFICE. From his bungling of the Covid-19 Crisis to his FAILURE to De-escalate & calm the Public in the face of National Tragedies to the OUTRAGEOUS things he says, the UNETHICAL appointment of a replacement Judge for the HONORABLE Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg despite the fact that Early Voting is already underway is just the latest DISGRACE. Health CARE is on the line. EQUALITY is on the line. Abor

Mourning the HONORABLE Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Like water pouring from a faucet, my tears have been flowing since the news of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death. With the realization of just how much is at stake in Election 2020, today we mourn, tomorrow we put our grief into action. Honestly, I may be working through my tear-stained glasses until after the Election. The 1st and only woman to lie in repose in the Capitol was honored in a brief Memorial Service at the Supreme Court's Great Hall Wednesday morning, officiated by her Rabbi Lauren Holzblatt with family present and her Law Clerks serving as Honorary Pall Bearers. Justice Ginsburg will remain there until Friday morning when she will be Honored at the Capitol. Whi

Call the Senate to Save Ruth Bader-Ginsberg's Supreme Court Seat. ObamaCARE is on the Line

The disgraceful Trumplican Power-Grab for control of the Supreme Court for the SOLE PURPOSE of overturning ObamaCARE, for reversing Roe/VS/Wade & refusal to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment wasted no time in pouncing on the vacated seat on the Supreme Court when Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg died last week. The Court is scheduled to hear arguments in California/vs/Texas on November 10, just one week after the Presidential Election which is already underway in some states. Like so many Americans this fight is PERSONAL for me. This is my Grandmommy Ruth Brown Reep (seated Bottom Right wearing Glasses) with her graduating Class from Nursing School after my Poppy died in 1964. She was Widowed wi

ETHICS Are on the Ballot This Year. What Would RBG Do?

Ethics are a standard beyond what is merely Legal. While the Supreme Court hears matters of Law, our Government Officials are duty-bound to a standard beyond the Law: ETHICS. Everything about the Trump Administration has been SO UNETHICAL beginning on the Campaign Trail it's been stunning to watch. When Insurance Agents like myself who live & die by ETHICAL STANDARDS are held to a higher Standard than our Elected Officials, I have been about to burst a blood vessel for the last 3 1/2 years now. When people speak of the complete & total lack of Civility & Decency what they are speaking of is Emotional Intelligence, what they are speaking of is ETHICS. Bullies by definition have ZERO Emotiona

Let's Honor the Memory of Ruth Bader-Ginsberg by Ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment

Income Inequality, Job Discrimination & Equality for All were fundamental tenants that propelled Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg into a lifetime of service to this Country. Once referred to as the "Thurgood Marshall of Women's Rights," all of us can thank her for the lasting impact of her life's work. Ruth knew she was dying. Having survived Cancer many times over the years, continuing to work though her Treatments - hardly missing a day on the Bench, Justice Ginsberg was driven to hold on though the 2020 Presidential Election. In fact she made her final wishes known to Granddaughter Clara Spera in a statement she dictation just days prior to her death: "My most fervent wish is tha

Vote for a President that Takes Covid19 Seriously. Biden 2020

Facemasks Save Lives & help prevent the spread of the deadly Virus known as Covid-19. Now is the time for Americans to Unite behind Joe Biden for President for the Right Reasons: for Health Care, for Jobs, for DECENCY. Yesterday, Dr. Tom Price, former Trump Administration Director of the Department of Health & Human Services, was just the latest Official to speak out against the Apprentice President's mishandling of the Covid19 Crisis. Social-Responsibility-Covid19 To say that I'm disappointed that we couldn't put a Woman on the Ballot as the Democratic Nominee for President after getting so close with Hillary Clinton in 2016 is the understatement of the year. In my opinion, people were "Pl

Supreme Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg to Receive the National Constitution Center's Liberty Medal

For her Life-long work in Equality for All on this Constitution Day, the Honorable Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg to be Awarded the Libery Medal by the Nation Constitution Center, presented by the Center's President & CEO Jeffrey Rosen. Early in her Education & Career, Ginsberg faced Gender Discrimination despite Graduating 1st in her Class at Columbia Law & couldn't get a job, solely because of her Gender. When once asked if she could chose one Amendment to the US Constitution, Ginsberg remarked: “Every constitution in the world written since the year 1950, even Afghanistan, has the equivalent of an equal rights amendment, and we don’t,” Ginsburg said. “I would like to show my g

Health CARE is on the Ballot Again This Year. Vote Like Your Life Depends on It

ObamaCARE, MediCARE, Medicaid & C.H.I.P Save Lives. With just weeks to go before Election 2020 & with Early Voting in some States just around the corner, make sure you know who the Health Care Candidates in your area are, then Volunteer if you can Donate if you can Like, Comment & Share their Social Media Posts to amplify their message Walk & Talk with EVERYONE YOU KNOW Then #VoteLikeYourLifeDependsOnIt - Because it does. Related Posts Understanding Health Insurance Toolkit Healthcare Funding Philosophy Social Responsibility Amid Covid19 ObamaCARE & MediCARE Individual Health Plans Under ObamaCARE Philosophy-of-Health-Care-Funding-Churches-Should-Pay-Taxes Get “Yes, I’d Like to Thank the Ac

Happy Grand Parent's Day. Pledge to be a Health Care Voter

When a Child is Born we Pray for 10 fingers & 10 toes. As the Grandmother of a child living with a devastating Critical Illness who has made my living as a Licensed Health Insurance Agent for 17 years now, I cannot stress the importance of this year's Election enough. The Nation's Health Care should not be a Partisan issue, but the Current Administration has been vowing to "Repeal & Replace Obamacare" continuing to do so even in the middle of a Global Crisis. In Election 2020 it is CRITICAL that ALL REGISTERED VOTERS Vote. I would like to write more than just a quick blurb in my Blog, but on this Grand Parent's Day I am babysitting my youngest Grand-Baby while my daughter is in the Hospita

911. Balancing a Good News Bad News Day. The Country Remembers

On this September 11th, 19 years after the terror attacks on our country back in 2001, the Nation remembers the day tragedy struck home. We remember the First Responders. We remember the lives that were lost. We remember the families that were forever changed & we remember the loved ones that won't be coming home. But the living need to keep living. How do we reconcile the terrible things we see with the good in the world? Consider this. What if 911 was your BIRTHDAY??? Every day is somebody's Birthday. What if there was an Earthquake on your Birthday? A Hurricane? An act of War like 911? My Dad was born on 9/11/1942. Should you able to celebrate a happy occasion in your life or should yo

47 Reasons to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People are Individuals. People

404 Page Error on iPhone and Android. Fixing the Hal 9000

UPDATE. Technology is a Tool to improve our lives, to make life better Just like the mandatory Upgrade from Window 7 to Windows 10, I've had a notification for about a year now that my Blog needed a Software Update that I've resisted until now. Monday I made the necessary Upgrade which had some Pluses & some Minuses. The Desktop Version of the Blog Post Share Button now works as it should - something that hasn't been possible for a while now. I've been Manually building each post first on my Blog then Building the same Post again for Facebook, for Twitter, for any Social Media I'm posting on. It has come to my attention that the Mobile App Version has a Broken Link that goes to a "404 Page

Sailboats, Motor Boats & Pirate Ships. Great Leaders Are Unifying Not Divisive

This past Labor Day Weekend, a Trumplican Boat Parade Rally took place in Austin, Texas .where numerous Boats sank. Having lived in the Houston/Galveston Metropolitan Area for decades, Boat Parades are a regular event around here & I cannot recall there ever having been an incident of boats sinking. So the "Fun & Games" - primarily Video Games - with the 2020 Presidential Elections are well underway & I still cannot fathom why ANYONE would turn a blind eye towards the FAKE "Reality Show President President's" BULLYING Behavior. The "Real Donald Trump" has not only REALLY divided our Nation but has ripped families apart. Texas Senator Ted Cruz is not on the Ballot this year. I've been working

Who is God? Not, Is There a God? Christian TV is FREE Political ADVERTISING. Election 2020

UPDATE. Labor Day Weekend 2015, I was among hundreds of Houstonians who were Baptized at Lakewood Church. My Son Peter, my Daughter Elissa & my Critically-Ill Grandchild Solomon were with me on 9/5/2015 when I reaffirmed Christ as my Savior. I was so happy that I didn't need to drag them kicking & screaming to attend my Baptism. Honestly I think my Son thought it was funny & was more like watching Mom get dunked in the Dunk Tank of a Carnival Fairway but he stayed the whole time. Solomon, who had been in & out of the Neo-Natal Intensive Care (NICU) at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital got sick again, so my Daughter couldn't stay for the whole Ceremony. Choosing Soul-Salvation in the B

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