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The Apotheosis of Suffrage. Political Mud-Slinging of Now as Then. Women's Suffrage Centennial

Politics are not for the faint of Heart. Scrolling the Comments on any Social Media Post on any Platform, nobody needs to be told about the vile viciousness we see every day. We can read them for ourselves. And it has likely always been this way. It's not surprising that Unifying behind a set of central ideas & the methodology of how to go about them is difficult even today. When we look at Religious Philosophies of now & then, the dozens of Christian Denominations still think their own teaching is correct as mentioned on Wednesday in the Philosophy-on-the-Unification-of-Politics-Theologies-Election-2020, Christians & Muslims & Jewish believers have HUGE differences in Theology. And Lord kn

Stanton, Anthony & Mott. A Protestant & Two Quakers. Women's Suffrage Centennial

These three Pioneers of the Women's Rights Movement began their career of Political Activism by way of Abolition., a fact that has earned them their spot in American History. Religion & Politics have always been very closely intertwined. In yesterday's piece on the Philosophy-on-the-Unification-of-Politics-Theologies-Election-2020 I didn't clearly articulate that this painting of George Washington is actually located in the Capitol Rotunda to this day. I was more concerned with pointing out that Christianity isn't the only Religion practiced in the US today & that Muslims are currently in the middle of their Hajj. https://www.aoc.gov/explore-capitol-campus/art/apotheosis-washington Painted i

Philosophy on the Unification of Politics & Theologies. Election 2020

Millions of Muslims around the World will be making their Holy Pilgrimage to Mecca today during the Hajj, while Americans of all Religious Faiths begin the Count Down to Election Day 2020 in November this year. The rich diversity of Religions & ideas in American cultures that give flavor to Life should Unify, not divide us. From the time of the Birth of our Nation, the American Motto has been "In God We Trust," but WHO is God??? For the entire three years I've been doing this Web Page, I've been saying it is time for Legislation officially granting Separation of Church & State in the country. The United States of America is home to people of all Religious Faiths, not just Christian. Christia

Does the Equal Rights Amendment Still Matter? Yes. Yes It Does. Here's Why. Women's Histor

Encore Presentation. Free Speech under the 1st Amendment guarantees that the Government cannot stifle Citizen's ability to express themselves, however places no restrictions on individuals, individual artists, musicians or the Entertainment Industry as a whole. There are Libel Laws against Defamation of Character for when Free Speech goes too far. Hate Speech against Women in the form of Rap Music on Black Radio Stations is shaping the Attitudes & Opinions of the Voting Population among Black Voters virtually ensuring they will REFUSE TO VOTE FOR A WOMAN - essentially SLANDERING an ENTIRE CLASS OF PEOPLE. Has-the-1st-Amendment-Gone-Too-Far-Rap-Music-is-Hate-Speech-Against-Women Our Music i

The Remarkable Parallels between Rep John Lewis & Women's Rights Legend Alice Paul

As the Nation remembers the Life time of Service the Gentle Giant of the Civil Rights Movement, Rep. John Lewis, I cannot help but notice the remarkable parallels between his willingness to get into what he called "Good Trouble" to sacrifice his life to service for the Public good & that of Alice Paul. His "Good Trouble" included: Sit-Ins & Marches & Peaceful Protests in acts of Civil Disobedience. For his "Good Trouble" he was beaten, & arrested & almost died for Civil Rights. Like Lewis, Alice Paul also sacrificed her life for Civil Service. Paul, like Lewis, organized Pickets & Parades & Protests & Marches for Women's Rights. Like Lewis, Alice Paul was beaten & arrested - she was force

Past & Present Dispute Resolution from a Sociological Perspective

Voting Rights are as precious today as they were at the birth of our Nation. Putting the bitter battles fought over now & then into a Sociological context helps us understand why it is so important to Vote in every Election, every time & to never sit one out. In the present day, people are still fighting bitter Court battles over Voting By Mail during the Covid19 Crisis. It is the right thing to do to saves lives while people exercise their Right to Vote. Very much like the question of whether saying the word "BITCH" is EVER Socially Acceptable speech to use in public. It is NOT. It is infuriating Hate Speech. In studying the History of our Founding Documents, I find it completely fascina

The Past, Present & Future of the ERA. Why it Still Matters. The American Experience on PBS

From Women’s Suffrage to the ERA | The Vote | Retro Report | American Experience | PBS I could go down the list of reasons the Equal Rights Amendment still matters, but I think the most glaring example happened just this week on the steps on Congress. When ABC News did the story on House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez being verbally attacked by a fellow Congressman, they only partially Bleep the offensive Sexist Slur. They Bleeped the "F-Word" but full-on said BITCH!!! The "B-word" is as offensive as it gets. It is Hate Speech against women. With respect to what she would teach her children about the incident, she has to teach them about forgiveness & "Turning the Other Cheek." Forg

Carrie Chapman Catt. The League of Women Voters

Carrie Chapman Catt (1859-1947) one of the "youngsters" of the early Women's Rights Movement along with Alice Paul lived well into the 20th Century & carried on the work of those who went before her. She was the third President of the National American Woman Suffrage Association (1900) succeeding Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1890) & Susan B. Anthony (1892) Catt also formed the League of Women Voters which is still active as a Bi-Partisan/Non-Partisan Political Activist Group today. Prior to the beginning of the Covid-19 Crisis, I had intended to get out from behind the computer screen, step away from the desk & get out there again with some of the Ladies Groups here in Houston. But Covid-19 had

Broadcast IS My Family History

As long as we are looking to this Nation's History, I decided to add a Permanent Page in recognition of WHY my inspiration for "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office" was really born of the fact that Broadcast is my family business. My motivation is not to say say "Hey look at me I'm a Big Shot." No. I can't stand the viciousness on TV these days. Can I tell you I am going BANKRUPT doing this??? "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office" is a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional look at the Sociological effects of Broadcast in Communications, in Politics, in Health Care & in the daily lives of all of us. It is an hone

Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton & the World Anti-Slavery Convention of 1840. Setting the S

Our Voting Rights are precious & something not to be taken for granted. There was much blood, sweat & tears shed in the the battle for the Vote, beginning with the periods before, during & after the Civil War that was fought over the issue of Slavery. The first Women's Right Convention at Seneca Falls, New York in 1848 was a direct result of Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Lucretia Mott's Gender-Based Discrimination at the World Anti-Slavery Convention in London in 1840. The two Women met due to their individual work fighting to end slavery & found themselves together at the same Convention where they were pretty much told that women were meant to be seen, not heard or in other words to "sit down

Susan B. Anthony & the 19th Amendment

Income Inequality that remains an issue for American Women today is but one of the myriad reasons this Women's Rights Pioneer got off the sidelines in into the arena of Political Activism. Born on February 15, 1820 Susan B. Anthony remained single her entire life & never married, likely making this her number one motivating factor in becoming a leader in the Women's Rights Movement. Having only herself to depend on for support, she was outraged that Women were paid less than men. New York State Married Women's Property Act of 1847 Born & raised a Quaker, Anthony was raised with the notion that boys & girls should receive the same Education & was shocked to learn later in life that this was

Elizabeth Cady Stanton - Solitude of Self 1892 Address Before Congress

Astonishing that back in the day when Elizabeth Cady Stanton lived that a Woman would be granted an audience to speak before Congress. In researching ideas for my Blog this morning, I stumbled upon this reading of her "Solitude of Self" speech. There are no words for happy it made me to see her speak in terms of People being INDIVIDUALS all through the speech a concept that runs all throughout my Book, "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office." It is not a History Book. It is present-day commentary on the discrimination I faced as a Female Insurance Agent trying to HELP PEOPLE with their ObamaCARE. In it, I present SOLUTIONS to the problem of Discrimin

Gentle Giant of Civil Rights, Rep John Lewis Dead at Age 80

Congressman John Lewis (February 21, 1940 – July 17, 2020) died yesterday after a lengthy battle with Cancer. One of the original Freedom Riders who organized the 1961 March on Washington along-side the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Lewis put the Peace in Peaceful Protest. My Web Page is a Feminist Publication, striving for Women's Rights, but I would be greatly remiss to not pause & pay Tribute to this humble Civil Servant & American Hero. Much will be written on the Life & Legacy of this Gentle Giant of the Civil Rights Movement that was Rep John Lewis. Here is what he said, in his own words from his Congressional Web Page: https://johnlewis.house.gov/issues/peace-and-nonviolence Pea

The Women's Bible. Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

First Lady Elanor Roosevelt once said "Great Minds discuss Ideas. Average Minds discuss Events. Small Minds discuss People." Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a Great Mind. Her Philosophical thought process on Religion in Public Life led her to write "The Woman's Bible." It was a Great Idea that was well before it's time. She recognized that Sexism & Misogyny had it's roots in the spiritual teaching of Christianity & other World Religions & was once quoted as saying: "Surely the immutable laws of the universe can teach more impressive and exalted lessons than the holy books of all the religions on earth. Elizabeth Cady Stanton" I've been thinking along these lines for a very long time & have writ

Equal Means Equal. The Movie

Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, the culmination of a lifetime's work on the part of millions of Women & dozens of Organizations and Individuals is about to happen in our Lifetime. This is thanks in no small part to the people at Equal Means Equal who are currently suing in Federal Court to make this happen. EME Responds to Trump Administration’s Effort to kill the ERA On June 1st, Equal Means Equal and its co-plaintiffs accused the Trump administration of causing “catastrophic legal injury” by refusing to carry out the will of the people and acknowledging the Equal Rights Amendment became the 28th Amendment to the Constitution when Virginia ratified the measure on January 27th of

Voting Rights & Gender. 14th Amendment. 15th Amendment. 19th Amendment

Texans went to the Polls yesterday to decide the final Ballots for which Candidates will be in the running for our National Elections in November. It is still early this morning & I haven't seen the list of winners yet as I am writing this as opposed to scrolling Social Media for the results, but I would like to Congratulate all of those who Won the right to be on the November Ballot. Our Voting Rights are precious & we should never take them for granted. While I am not a Historian or a Constitutional Scholar I can read. I can also relate to others who may not have ever seen this (like myself) what ramifications these Historical Facts are having in the present day. Just as we see UNETHICAL i

"The Vote: A Conversation on Women’s Suffrage” With Special Guest Secretary Hillary Rodham Clin

This important Documentary Series sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities & produced by the American Experience for the PBS Network, highlights how little is known bout Women's History. I was so thankful to get the notification for this in time to attend this Virtual Screening & Q&A in real time as it was happening. With the long struggle to gain that right to vote, I'm still SO sad & VERY upset about those people who threw that precious right away & failed to VOTE in 2016. Secretary Clinton SHOULD HAVE BEEN our 1st Madam President. The Verified makeup of Voter & Non-Voter Statistics from the 2016 Presidential Election need to be part of the National Conversation on Race Relat

Elizabeth Cady Stanton. The Mother of the Women's Rights Movement

When I say Elizabeth Cady Stanton was the Mother of the Women's Rights Movement, boy was she. As the Mother of 7 children, Stanton needed like-minded individuals to help bring her message to the world while she fulfilled her responsibility of caring for her children. A fervent Abolitionist, Stanton along with Lucretia Mott was one of the organizers of the first Women's Rights Conventions, held at Seneca Falls, NY in 1848 upon their return from an Anti-Slavery Convention in Europe. During the World Anti-Slavery Convention in London, Elizabeth was DENIED ENTRY into the Convention solely because she was a Woman. She was subjected to Gender-Based Discrimination. The daughter of a prominent John

Think the Equal Rights Amendment Doesn't MATTER?

Think the #EqualRightsAmendment doesn't MATTER? "Good" Morning America Sunday just had the NERVE to do a story on "Mom Rage." #Rage is what happened with the CRIMINAL ACTS OF #ARSON at #GeorgeFloyd Street Riots. TV Stations have a #SocialResponsiblity & an OBLIGATION to De-Escalate the Public. Those #DisneyRats are trying to fix #Racism with #Sexism PERIOD. #RatifyTheERA I had not planned on making this statement this morning but I am so furiously LIVID with ABC Disney right now I am actually trembling with anger. So when something makes you THIS ANGRY, how do you calm yourself down so that this ANGER doesn't turn to RAGE? You find an outlet for a Positive Expression of that ANGER, like - I

The First Women's Rights Convention at Seneca Falls

Women's Rights, Equal Rights & Voting Rights for WOMEN under the 19th Amendment all had their origin due to the efforts of Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902)‎ While she did not live to see passage & Ratification of the 19th Amendment that granted WOMEN the Right to Vote, it is her ideas that started the movement. Stanton's ideas were born out of the Abolitionist Movement here & abroad after being denied entrance to the British Anti-Slavery Convention that she & her husband, Henry Stanton attended while on their Honeymoon SOLELY BECAUSE SHE WAS A WOMAN. The 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment is this year. In recognition of this FACT we need to have the Equal Rights Amendment Ratified int

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