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PreExisting Conditions Under Attack by the State of Texas. Merry Christmas???

Greg Abbott PreExisting Condition

The STUNNING HYPOCRISY of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the very definition of a PERSON WITH A PREEXISTING CONDITION, has delivered a Christmas Lump of Coal to people who depend on the Affordable CARE Act, also known as ObamaCARE, for their very life.

Deemed Unconstitutional by a Texas Judge last night, the decision will be Appealed by House Democrats, who vow to SAVE OUR CARE.

Read the swift response by Nancy Pelosi here

Millions of Americans like myself who are too young for Medicare & can't get Medicaid depend on ObamaCARE.

Again, the portion of the Health CARE Law that Trumplicans claim is Unconstitutional is the Individual Mandate that imposes a fine for not getting coverage, saying the government has no right to tell people what to spend their money on.

ONE MORE TIME: this is EXACTLY what the Auto Insurance Industry has done for YEARS.

People literally CANNOT buy a new care & drive it off the lot without buying CAR INSURANCE RIGHT AT THE DEALERSHIP.


To no one's surprise the #ApprenticePresident has already tweeted about the "Unconstitutional" Affordable CARE Act being defeated in a Texas Court.