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Equality Equals Peaceful Coexistence. International Women's Day

International Womens Day, Equal Rights Amendment Womens History Month

International Women's Day. It seems those terrible numbers have always been part of our past.

Why do they need to keep being part of our present & future???

Does this image inspire "love for WOMEN???"

In general, women are the peacemakers of society. I know I am. I have always been about peace, love & flower power.

Not the kind of maniacal power of a subservient group rising up & giving the other guy “a taste of his own medicine.”

That is retaliation & there is nothing peaceful about retaliation. Retaliation is the kind of “eye for an eye” vengeful vindictive behavior that doesn’t solve anything.

This is my main problem with studying the painful history of things like slavery & Civil Rights.

Are you enlightening the public & teaching about that painful past to learn from it, or are you enraging the public & calling for revenge???

Historically, women's rights weren't taught in schools in depth - at most, women were relegated to a footnote in History.

Would you be surprised to learn that historically WOMEN WERE VIEWED AS THE PROPERTY OF THEIR HUSBANDS???

So today is International Women's Day, which officially began in 1911.

Today's image is from the California effort to confirm & Ratify the 19th Amendment to the California State Constitution also taking place in 1911. After years of peaceful protest, California became the 18th State to sign the Amendment into law in 1919.

Thankfully, yesterday , the House of Representative passed an Anti-Hate Speech Bill:

This proves my point about WHY we still do need to pass the Equal Rights Amendment.

Advertisers on American TV think it's OK to attack Women in sexist, Misogynistic commercials that ENGENDER HATE AGAINST WOMEN.

Misogyny IS Hate Speech.  Misogyny is a Problem in America

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