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Be an Angel. Save a Life. Be a Designated Driver

UPDATE. This New Year's Eve, 12/31/23

Be an Angel.

Save a Life.

Be a Designated Driver.

Let's all make it to 2024 in one piece & make it our BEST YEAR EVER.

ENCORE PRESENTATION. 15 years ago after saving the life of an alcoholic loved one, I changed careers from Advertising to Health Insurance. I had learned so much from the Patient-side, I asked myself "Why not get Licensed, so I did.

100% of NO ONE gets into Insurance because it's fun or easy.

With industry-wide ever-changing rules depending on what political party is calling the shots, making a living in the Life & Health Insurance Industry is an exercise in frustration.

Saving lives was 100% of my inspiration for doing this.

For the Right Reason.

Here is a gentle reminder that Designated Drivers Save Lives.

Got New Year's Resolutions?

While you're here, be sure to check out what's in store.

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Learn how to Fight Fair if an altercation is unavoidable.

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Learn how to speak with Emotional Intelligence.

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