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Nobel Peace Prize???

Yesterday, for the second year in a row, rather than attend the White House Correspondents Dinner, the current president held a counter-rally, pandering to his "base" instead of honoring the 1st Amendment Freedom of the Press & Free Speech that we all enjoy. At this rally, the misinformed crowd began chanting "Nobel, Nobel, Nobel," implying that the #ApprenticePresident deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for the possible demilitarization of North Korea's nuclear weapons campaign, (which by the way has yet to happen.) Why??? Because he just so happened to be in office when signs of peace began to show between the two Koreas??? The man with his itchy trigger finger on the nuclear button, the man w

Books. Did Hillary Clinton WRITE THE DICTIONARY?

UPDATE: While the Political Primary Season marches right along, this weekend's Funeral Service for Barbara Bush has put reading & literacy back in the forefront. People are INDIVIDUALS & no one INDIVIDUAL is single-handedly responsible for their respective language. Hillary Clinton has written a lot of books, but I’m pretty sure the Dictionary isn’t one of them, nor is the Bible. PEOPLE are Individuals. PEOPLE are Individuals. PEOPLE are Individuals. I have a close personal female friend that breaks my heart every time I go into my Facebook News Feed & read her posts. It is filled with AMENS. In Spanish. While I am Christian, I am not Catholic but have come to respect many Catholic rituals

She Persisted Around the World

The guest list for yesterday's Memorial Service for former 1st Lady Barbara Bush read like a Who's Who of American Presidential royalty, Including President & First Lady Bill & Hillary Clinton and 1st Daughter Chelsea Clinton. Chelsea Clinton was recently in town for a Book Signing Event at Blue Willow Bookstore in support of her new Children's Book, "She Persisted Around the World." While I was unable to get a ticket to the event, I did manage to reserve a signed copy of the book. Now, I honor her by encouraging little girls & young women to study Civics, Political Science & Equal Rights with a FREE Gift with Purchase in the Revolving Door HR Store. Now through April 30th, Buy "Yes I'd Like

Remembering Her Humor & Grace

Wife of one & Mother of another US President, Barbara Bush brought dignity to the White House with humor & grace. It has been said that she retained her good-natured sense of humor all the way to the end. If she's anything like my mom, I know she would want her family, friends & loved ones to remember the good times. That's how we handled the death of my mother - with her, reminiscing about the good times with humor & grace. Mom also had a self-depricating sense of humor - with an ability to laugh at herself. So when we laugh, we laugh with each other, NOT AT each other. In that spirit of looking back at the good times, I had to indulge this look back at her son George W Bush, President 43

Come In & Learn Why Women Ought to Vote

Come In & Learn Why Women Ought to Vote," a pictorial history book for Elementary-age school girls came about in honor of Women's History Month. Barbara Bush was a champion of both Literacy & Equal Rights for Women. Now, I honor her by encouraging little girls & young women to study Civics, Political Science & Equal Rights with a FREE Gift with Purchase in the Revolving Door HR Store. Now through April 30th, Buy "Yes I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office" Get "Come in & Learn Why Women Ought to Vote" FREE Enter Promo Code Yes Please at Check Out Barbara Bush, very appropriately will be buried Saturday at the George H.W. Bush President Library in College

Bi-Partisan Spirit

Death knows no Political Party or Gender or Race or Ethnicity. Barbara Bush is being prepared for burial at the George Bush Presidential Library in College Station by the Funeral Directors George H. Lewis & Sons directly across the street from where I live. Getting out the door each day this week has been interesting to say the least with a police presence of HPD, Secret Service & every Media Outlet in town parked across the street. The minor inconvenience for these three days this week pales in comparison for how much good she's done bringing dignity, respect & CLASS to the highest office in our land. When I speak of Class, class has less to do with one's bank account & everything to do wi

World Funerary Customs

With the News that Barbara Bush is in Comfort Care in Home Hospice, I thought this would be a good time to re-visit the Philosophy of world Funerary Customs beginning here. This is not a Palace. This is a Mausoleum built in celebration of the Life that was lived. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taj_Mahal As a Life & Health Insurance Agent who began my Insurance Career in Life Insurance, what I have found is that there is a time for caring at every stage of the life cycle, including time of death. https://www.nia.nih.gov/health/providing-comfort-end-life We went through this as a family in 2012 when my mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Lung Cancer . I was working in a Cemetery at

Fitness for Office. The 25th Amendment

The Office of the Presidency of the United States of America is the face of our country to the world. Citizens of this country should NOT be mortified by the Bullying, dishonest womanizing behavior of a person who cannot be trusted. Insurance Agents are REQUIRED to take MANDATORY training in ETHICS once every two years. Ethics training includes things like Deceptive Trade Practices & Material Misrepresentation (a fancy legalese term for Lying.) In my opinion, ALL POLITICIANS should be REQUIRED to be CERTIFIED IN ETHICS.

30 Days of Discrimination Towards WOMEN

UPDATE April 15th is Income Tax Day. Is it OK to "attack Women on income Tax day" particularly when the FACT is that the Legislators who wrote this Tax Code were likely MEN? There is a tremendous effort to "Elect more Women" in the Mid-term Elections this year. Could this be part of the reason WHY we need more Women in Elected Office? Sexist Discrimination towards Women is NOT OK. This is sex-based Prejudice. ********************************************************* Corporate Culture of toxic hostility towards women makes the case for ratification of the #EqualRightsAmendment. Misogynistic attitudes towards women such as this could not exist if women were protected under the Constittution.

Gift With Purchase Now in Store

Now through April 30th, Buy "Yes I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office" Get "Come in & Learn Why Women Ought to Vote" FREE Enter Promo Code Yes Please at Check Out

Numbers Matter.  How Long Has This Been Going On?

UPDATE. April 13 is on Friday this year: Friday the 13th. I was taught in algebra that "a negative times a negative equals a positive." I am still wondering when this will be Lucky 13? Being born on Friday the 13, I gotta ask is it Luck or is it the willful acts of man? Pretty sure the willful acts of men have nothing to do with LUCK. *********************************************************************************** Easter is on April 1st this year. Income Inequality for women & what happened to me in 2016 is the inspiration for Revolving Door HR. Seeing the turmoil in the Insurance Industry first hand with repeated attempts to "Repeal & Replace Obamacare," I decided to go back to my r

Name Calling on TV

With Facebook in the hot seat over the many issues that affected the 2016 election, I continue to ask "What about broadcast?" For the people who did actively vote for the #ApprenticePresident much of it can be attributed to Living Vicariously through the lives of "actors" * Name Recognition. When the voting public votes for Superficial Reason, such as Name Recognition, I will stand here in this moment & say #AmericaLetHillaryClintonDown & now we're stuck with the #ApprenticePresident Unless we can successfully invoke the 25th Amendment regarding Presidential Fitness for Office. This begs the question "What is REAL & what is Delusional Thought?" When people live vicariously through the lives

Philosophy of Social Media & Broadcast

Technology has leveled the playing field between Desktop Publishing & traditional News outlets. Now anyone with an opinion & Internet access can be a publisher, particularly with TV Stations imploring us on a daily basis to "Join the Conversation" & highlighting screenshots of people's Twitter Tweets & Facebook posts on the 6pm News. No wonder Bullying has become a National Epidemic. Those of us with a Degree in Journalism were required to have training in Libel Law, while the average citizen "joining the conversation" on Facebook generally doesn't think twice about the words coming out of their mouth. People don't think about the unintended consequences of the things they post - & things

Equal Pay Day

Income Inequality is the #1 determining factor in opening The Revolving Door. 2016 was such a Misogynistic, Sexist nightmare, I opened this page to bring awareness to this FACT. Today is #EqualPayDay so I thought I would update Resource for Working Women to help level the playing field for us. United States Department of Labor https://www.dol.gov/wb/EqualPay/ DOL Women's Bureau https://www.dol.gov/wb/resources/ National Committee on Pay Equity https://www.pay-equity.org/day.html Here is a Sample Proclamation that I think needs to be enacted into Federal Legislation: PROCLAMATION WHEREAS, more than 50 years after the passage of the Equal Pay Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, women a

Communications Training Program

Get your copy of "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy:" How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office to answer the Question why "D. None of the above" is the correct answer. https://www.revolvingdoorhr.com/sex-and-toilet-training Spring Buy One Get One FREE Sale. Click here for details Gift With Purchase


UPDATE. On This Day: April 9 2013 original Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeer died. Income Inequality remains a tremendous problem particularly for women. Networking is the reason why. Business Owners are people - people who watch TV just like all of us. Today is January second. Being the first born child in my family who happened to be born in the first month of the year, I normally would not have much to say today as these NUMBERS just give me fits. Many of my ideas & inspiration for my business & my books are born of the fact that my mother, Brenda Annette had an uncle who OWNED A RADIO STATION that he founded in the 1940s and are derivative from pieces I've written on my personal Facebook

Apple Lisa. Personal Computing & Personal Privacy

Personal Privacy is front & center now more than ever with data breaches, Russian meddling & Cambridge Analytics in the news on a seemingly daily basis. Honestly, I think the privacy ship has sailed much longer than we think. The difference is awareness. Now, the rest of us know what the upper 1% has been doing to us behind our backs. I think invasion of privacy has been a reality from the beginning, when Steve Jobs created the first user-friendly personal computer, the Apple Lisa, named for his daughter Lisa Brennan Jobs. He is the person we can all thank for putting a personal computer in everyone's pocket in the form of an iPhone. When Jobs later rolled out the Apple Macintosh, ads for

Understanding Health Insurance Toolkit

UPDATE April is Medicaid Awareness Month. These pages are still under construction due to my grassroots efforts in the Mid-term Elections to put my money (or lack there of) where my mouth is. I am serious when I say #RepealTedCruz #ReplaceJohnyCornyn #ImpeachDonaldTrump & that #AmericaLetHillaryClintonDown The NIGHTMARE in Washington affects me both professionally & personally and I could not be more furious. #TexasBlueWave ********************************************************************* https://www.revolvingdoorhr.com/understandinghealthinsurancetoolkit Introducing my Understanding Health Insurance Tool kit on Revolving Door HR. With Open Enrollment already underway for Employee Ben

HOLY FRIJOLES: Learning to "Bomb-A-Nose" Cost US Our Healthcare

UPDATE. April is Medicaid Awareness Month Individuals. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE recognizes that people are INDIVIDUALS. When PEOPLE blame INDIVIDUALS for the LANGUAGE they speak, they are RACING. The sad fact of the matter is that it is NOT even REVERSE RACISM - it's just RACISM. Rhetorical Questions can be a helpful tool for encouraging others to discover their own motives in a Non-Confrontational way to get to the Truth of a given situation. Rhetorical Questions are questions we don't expect an answer to: they allow the other person to "Save Face." I would like to employ a couple Rhetorical Questions to get to the bottom of HOW THIS COUNTRY FAILED to Elect our First Female President. 1.

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