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Happy Easter. Publish the Equal Rights Amendment

The Resurrection of Christ Jesus from the dead on Easter is the ENTIRE BASIS of Christianity. This life after death Miracle was witnessed by Mary Magdalene, who was literally the 1st Christian.

At the right-hand side of Jesus during life, she was the one who ran to tell the other Disciples that Christ was Risen.

Just as Jesus was disgusted by the Temple Tax Collectors - one of the few mentions in the Bible of his anger at anything, and the event that set Holy Week activities in motion - he would be disturbed by the War on Women in today's Society.

Likely a Feminist, he would be disgusted by the almost-Century-long struggle to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in America.

And he would likely join the millions of American Feminists to urge the President DO THE RIGHT THING & PUBLISH the Equal Rights Amendment into the US Constitution.

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